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  1. Is there any way you can cut down the exposure time to a fraction of a second as the images are over exposed so there is not much that can be done to bring any detail out.
  2. I think SCT's get some unfair flak. I've had one for nearly seven years and it's never needed collimating once and I wouldn't dream of getting rid of it. They are far from ideal for DSO imaging but great for lunar and planetary imaging and give some fantastic views.
  3. I didn't know FLO gave us a discount. I've never had one.
  4. Mark Sibole has been using a Meade LX200, Meade ETX-125, and the range of DSI camera's for years getting great results. Take a look here.
  5. No way. That is for my astrophotography set up.
  6. I agree with Steve. I have a 10" LX200 that gives great views but has hardly had any use in the last 3 years because of the size and setting up while light only to have to bring it back in because the clouds roll in when it gets dark. I have two small refractors that I can set up on a AZ4 mount in the house and carry out when clear night skies permit. This is why I understand the original post.
  7. Get the ST120. I totally understand what you mean about just getting the telescope out and it's ready to go. At least this way you can see if astronomy is for you and if not you could probably sell this set up for little loss. If you find you really are into astronomy and feel the AZ3 mount is a little flimsy you can always upgrade the mount later on. There may be a chance that the AZ3 mount will fit a stainless steel tripod which would be a fairly cheap upgrade at a later date. Good luck with your purchase (whatever it turns out to be) and I hope you enjoy it.
  8. OpticStar are in Manchester and might be worth a look.
  9. The problem with having a fixed scope ring could make it hard to get balance. The first time I set up two refractors on a duel mounting bar it took me the best part of an hour to get balance. It may not have been possible if one was fixed. It might seem the cheapest option, and it might work for you, but it could be an expensive mistake if it doesn't work.
  10. I agree with Brantuk, a Mak or SCT for planetary imaging and viewing. You need a long focal length scope for planets so a F5 scope is not going to do it.
  11. That is strange,. I supose you chose the best place to buy from depending on which colour you want.
  12. I think it's because the silver one is unpainted but this looks a good option.
  13. It will be compatible with your HEQ5 but can you choose the ring size as those ones might be the wrong size for you. Also with the rings being fixed you might have problems getting balance. This would be a better option http://www.firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=adm_dual_mounting_bar
  14. Been a while since I used my HEQ5 but if I rember right I could only use the replacement bolt with the ratchet on as the other was too long. Can't remeber what it was hitting though. If you look back I mentioned this in your other thread.
  15. Yes I doubt there will be a power supply included but worth checking. Even my LX200 (just short of £3,000) didn't have a power supply included. Billy, was that second hand or was it an expensive mistake from the seller?
  16. Hell Billy how did you get one for £5? I paid twice that for a dovetail.
  17. As Steppenwolf said, you will need an extension tube. Have a look through these pages. Adaptors
  18. Are you sure you get a power supply? I didn't get one and never seen one advertised where you get one. You do get a power lead with a cigar lighter connection but no supply. I would think the only time you would get a dovetail bar with the mount would be when you bought one in a package with a telescope because not all dovetails are suitable for all telescopes due to size. You are more likely to get a dovetail supplied with a telescope with the correct rings.
  19. Ah, sorry. I bought mine second hand and didn't get one at all.
  20. Are you able to unscrew the optical part at the end of the barlow? If so take this off and see if you can now focus.
  21. I don't own a Mak myself but these are popular amoung planetary viewers/imagers. Maksutov The top one is well within your budget and the second one just over.
  22. There are plenty out there for sale. Dovetail bars
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