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  1. Hi iam Skip and i joined the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth Devon, cost 15 quid for the year and a local Camera shop in Exeter gives members 10% discount thats the LONDON CAMERA EXCHANGE ( okay Steve) already we have visited their planetarium three times to learn the constellations. found the members very friendly and talk to you not at you. we have had some problems (through lack of knowledge) but everyone will show you how to sort it out. we even had trouble finding Saturn (Beehive was easy) and they took us to the large scopes and opened everything up just to show us Saturn. we spent a day of one of their course cost £10 to members for the whole day and learnt loads. AND of course found this site with all the knowledge around just throw in your questions and back comes the answer ( i get lost sometimes but great fun) sorry got carried away. oh and we found saturn through our own scope just amazing skip
  2. HI to you all Steve many thanks for your assistance on Friday, Rose and i had a day at the NLO, where they held an Introduction to Astronomy, a number of sessions talking about the Solar System, star charts, buying a telescope different types of scopes, nebula and galaxies, it was a full packed day and only cost £20, being a member of the NLO Rose and i paid approx half price. we also had a session in the planetarium, which also shed light on latitude and declination .( which has so far been a mystery) how to identify different constellations . we were shattered at the end of the day but really enjoyed the course. many thanks to all the people at NLO. Plus anyone out there living in the Exeter area well worth a visit.
  3. greetings all thanks Steve for the link. yes to evening viewing and social i only know my scope is Arena 900 x 114 located liverton 10 mins from Haytor where i do must of my viewing . just joined NLO to gather more information and have been to a couple of evenings at the planiteruim ( if thats how its spelt) gave us a good start to looking at the night sky. have also got Starry night backyard. plus books. plus of course the renound stargazers lounge for more info and chat. and i dont want to get you lot big headed but it is a friendly site. i have passed on the details to friend ( only have one)( cheer skip
  4. many thanks for all the tips now 6.00pm saw orion and the twins now waiting for saturn to make its arrival. will let you know how i do . oh loved the map by the way iam just about copeing with the system on the site skip
  5. having just bought the arena 900 x 114 and living near Dartmoor can i see Saturn and where do i look . still putting tripod up when cloud covered the moon. love the site seems abit above my head but will learn. steve cannot find the pastie munches area. yours truly thicky skip
  6. skip


    okay okay i bought the scope and the clouds stay all the time its like buying a BBQ and it rains for months. so frustrating, i suppose you lot are all laid back about this weather , must learn not to get so worked up when things dont go to plan. standing by scopewaiting for a break regards skip
  7. well took the plunge and bought a 900 x 114 Arena. price is unfortunately the guide here. still couldnt see a thing outside too cloudy will have to wait now for clear sky. sorry steve thought about the dobson but being disabled its a sod to move things , but i can just about manage the tripod type. keep feeding me info guys and gals. how do i find out the latitude of newton abbot. do i just go for Exeter being the nearest big city. will be back with a thousand questions. bye for now
  8. many thanks for all your replies. looks like i have to sit down with all YOUR knowledge and then choose a telescope . i have a sniper scope at the mo and can see clearly onto the moon, stop laughing now we all started somewhere. having visited NLO a couple of times iam begining to find my way around i found the north star once. okay okay iam a bit better, but it is nice to know night people are friendly. many thanks again for the welcome
  9. hi to you all. brand new to your world. looking for advice re buying or hiring a telescope and what sort of price to pay for a beginner.
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