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  1. Yep I think I'm going to need a different scope to use with my camera, I'm going to look into the webcam route more but just enjoy looking at stuff and getting more familiar with the night sky for the time being, I am really glad I got the 76 it's a great introduction to scopes and astronomy and as it's cheap I have no problems letting my daughter get to grips with it, something I probably wouldn't be as keen on had I spent £200-300+!
  2. Ahh I suspected that might be the case, I really want to experience viewing with a decent scope now it's very compelling!
  3. I just spotted a satellite and wondered How much detail a decent scope would reveal?
  4. I've just seen it for the first time and can't believeits been up there all this time visible to the naked eye bit I never bothered to look at it!
  5. The trouble now is.... I need a closer view lol can't see Uranus or Neptune for love nor money
  6. I've just got a little heritage 76 using the 10x eye piece I can just about make out two darker lines but the rest is pretty bleached out
  7. I took a couple of pics holding my iPhone to the eye piece, it's not much but you can see it all there
  8. Wait I see four White spots, 3 one side 1 on the other are they moons? On first glance I thought they were a lens defect but they seen very sharp and not in a straight line
  9. I have just this second seen my first ever planet ) what a feeling! It's pretty clear here tonight for the first time since I bought the scope and although it's only a little cheap one I could just about make out two bands. I'm yet to notice moons as I injured my back today and can't ben over for long enough lol
  10. Actually I did wonder if any G.A.S members were active on this forum as I am thinking of joining soon )
  11. In all honesty places like newlands corner on a clear night would probably be ok, I know the Guildford astronomical society are having a meet there in the near future so I'd assume they wouldn't have chosen that site if it was that bad just took me by surprise as I remember being there a long time ago with my camera and the sky being inky black. Their observatory is not much further down the road near dorking I'd like to take a look from there one day!
  12. I really had no idea *probably like most non-star gazers* how bad light pollution is I went out in the early hours to check a few likely spots and couldn't believe how badly effected they were. Even newlands corner suffered quite noticeably.
  13. Wow nice bit of kit! Hope you get some clear nights soon --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=51.314798,-0.622439
  14. hi from another new member in surrey *wave*
  15. Fantastic read and very comforting to know that you dont need to be a lotto winner to be an astronomer! (Although it probably would help...) I have a slight penchant for gadgetry and hobbys which has cost me a pretty penny in the past and this time around i wasn't keen (or truth be told able) to repeat the mistake again. I am keen to learn the craft first so I will be ably to squeeze every drop of performance i can get out of the equipment i will no doubt end up buying down the line. truth be told I am extremely turned off by the 'goto' technology that i've been made aware of, it does look extremely cool, but i cant help but think it completely negates the most involving and interesting part of the hobby? As an amateur photographer my real desire is to combine both hobbies eventually so if i do upgrade from my daughters trusty heritage 76 it will likely be an expensive leap but hopefully not into the unknown!
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