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  1. At least I don't throw a huff when somebody mentions suppliers other than FLO.
  2. Most likely it analyzes the “shape” of the camera shake — probably by isolating a point-source highlight (using either high-pass filtering or image matching, or both) — then, it uses this shape to generate a path along which it maps point spread functions. A point spread function is sort of like an impulse response function, with the difference being that while an impulse response tracks a single-dimensioned value with respect to time, a point spread function gives you the response of an imaging system (2-D) to a point source. They’re both basically the same idea, though, and you can apply the same techniques to both. Further, by generating this path, you can map the point spread function in terms of space (because it’s two-dimensional) and time. And this is where it gets really cool: Just like an LTI impulse response, you can deconvolve the output (the blurry image) with your new mapped-in-time point spread function, and get something much closer to the original scene (a sharper image). Because a photosensor (or film) is basically a 2-dimensional integrator*, the whole thing is linear, so this method works. The only added step which I see is that every lens/sensor system has a different point-spread function, which varies further w/r/t the lens focusing distance and depth-of-field, so you’ll need this data too, but (most importantly) you can get this data at your leisure, either empirically or through modelling. Incidentally, this custom point spread can be also be used to de-blur images with bad focus but no shaking blur. But you knew all that right? I wish I was smart enough to spend 25 GBP on space USB cables
  3. Then you are out of luck, enjoy the porthole view.
  4. USB Cables, USB Adapters, USB to SATA, Express Cards, Hard Drive Enclosure - USBNow.co.uk has cheap active long USB cables. If you go to an telescope shop you will get ripped off.. AVOID them Astronomiser -> 5m USB 2.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable ASTUSBX5 £23.95 USB Now -> £10.20 www.usbnow.co.uk/Cables-USB_Cables/c1_2/p1600/5M_(NEC_Chipset)_Active_Extension_Cable/product_info.html Or perhaps I should get into the SpaceMonsterCable business too I am sure everybody here will say Space USB Cables are special... but each to their own Everybody likes to feel special
  5. A bot basically rolls through keywords and scrapes images. Make sure the company using it has no connection to Flickr and Flickr terms have no clause that grants them rights to do whatever they wish with the images. If not then, file a complaint with apple app store. I would do that first, rather than piddle about with the app vendor as they don't care anyway. If they do have a clause saying they can do it, but not if the image is removed, then remove the image, that remvoes their right to use it Then find out which EU country Flickr (Yahoo in this case) has an office, (probably Ireland) and file a complained with the data proteciton ombuidsman, they are currently going to boil Facebook There is also a trading standards body and a copyright theft body, report them for copyright theft or something. May aswell screw em over as they did the same to you:) I would fire off every angle at the same time, usualy there is legal response times, that they have to meet with complaints (especially data protection and so on), and that will keep em busy Anyway, only idiots install wallpaper apps lol Next time upload some subliminal **** or stuff into the astro images
  6. Get a cheap laptop with better resolution. netbooks (unless it is a 4gb ram dual core dedicated gfx 11" monster like mine ) are worthless plastic door stops. Seriously, avoid integrated graphics and Atom CPUs, they got replaced by "pads". You would be better buying a cheap proper small laptop.
  7. yes, I brought up the issue in the thread about Sky at night wanting amateur pictures. Basically you grant any service the right to do as they wish with your images, but you retain copyright, they can never take that from you lol. If you don't want that, host them on your own server. You will still get scraped, but then at least you have not granted anybody rights to use it. If they are a commercial entity, you have an easier job, especially if they are making money from it. Then the other issue is which legal system it is in, and whether it is worth it. For app sellers, contact the app store, and threaten apple Most app stores will block the app, if it goes against their terms, which most likely has a clause against using stolen work etc etc. if that fails, Go public trolling apple.
  8. Set the desktop size to be LARGER (ie. a VIRTUAL DESKTOP SIZE) so you can SCROLL around it and you only see a viewport the size of your resolution. Actually I think they removed the "pan and scan" option for Windows 7 that used to be in older windows versions hmm... you may need an app for that. http://www.sevenforums.com/graphic-cards/34780-no-pan-scan-virtual-desktop-windows-7-a.html Yeah they removed that hmmm.. Try this app... http://sites.google.com/site/gimespace/
  9. How many hot pixels will it have So when do we get inexpensive ARRAY's of sensors?
  10. Starbabe


    So RIGHT CLICK and select "Add to Dictionary".
  11. A more cooler technology was removing people that walk across images by pretty much stacking to fill in the person with the background image. That is more useful than de-blurring
  12. Starbabe


    Firefox has a spell checker dictionary add in.
  13. The main problem with this is ordinary users of Photoshop won't get to use this (without a 3rd party plugin) because of the high cost of Photoshop, people are still using CS3 as it is the cheapest in retail, and that is not cheap. That is 3 (THREE) iterations behind, that is what, 4... 6 years behind? Anyway how often do you find yourself deblurring an image? Most of the time you will just take another shot and delete the blurred one. Not worth forking out big money for a PS upgrade for that single feature lol.
  14. Again it is not a complicated algorithm, you can also track the "path" of the colour differences on an edge or point which would indicate the movement. There is many cues in the image to use to track movement.
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