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  1. Hi Mike Geoff here from Dunfermline Astronomical Society I will be going this year booked now so get the bacon butties ready
  2. Hi Mike No not given up and I will be taking you up on Mikes greasy spoon diner Bacon butties greatly appreciated. The pole is still cracke but it should hold up for this year. I'll need to be on best behaviour on Friday saturday as the missus will be coming down for the weekend (just in time to wash me undies -yeeeuchhh-) so can we have a romantic candle-lit table by the telly please? and hope we get bananas and custard again for dessert. I changed my setup yet again so no astrotrac this year. As i'm a lazy beggar can I book a set of your wonderful tripod bases for the legs? hehehe any way
  3. Hi All Geoff here one of the founding members I'm all booked up and seems a few from the Dunfermline Astronomical Society coming too! Mike better get a bigger chicken Coco get ready for some more laughs and the Scots Lads i'll bring loads of Alka Seltzers. see you all there Geoff
  4. Hi All Geoff here from Dunfermline. had a great time am preparing Blog at the moment and also readers scopes page LOL Thanks for all your kindness at galloway I miss you all already -sigh- Finally on SGL and my first post Geoff:icon_eek:
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