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  1. quality image and i think both are looking fantastic !
  2. thanks a lot Cath , the 3d image looks awesome so many details in there I wish to see some more :-) I'm using heq5 with eqmod plus phd with 50mm finder and modded Microsoft webcam .
  3. thank you ! camera works great , I'm just a bit disappointed I can't get the mirror lockup to work with backyard eos . doing few hours of data on Rosette would be great but the weather and full moon keeps me more inside the house now . Casper
  4. thank you very much ! I got sw 150p which I bought 2 weeks ago and im very happy with it just need to get coma corrector .
  5. hi all ! after collecting more stuff and modding canon 1000d during the summer time ive done few test shots last week , this is one of them it is well known m42 nebula region , it is just 31x60 sec subs with darks just to see how camera respond after mod. image of Rosette nebula is 7 x300 sec subs with no darks .Im very pleased with the camera now and I cant wait till i collect some more data and buy mpcc or sw cc ! thanks for looking and please feel free to leave a comment. regards Casper
  6. Sorry about that I must click on the wrong section ;-) Thank you for you help , I'm glad it was working for you, so now I'm just waiting for all the parts to build simplegpusb adapter :-) m going to upgrad my mount to synscan in the future,but for now that will be brilliant solution ..and cheap! Thanks again for you help . Regards Casper
  7. Hi all last week I bought basic heq5 mount without synscan or syntrek , I'm recently trying to sort out the guiding part using only standard hand controler, on my previous mount eq3-2 I did it easily by buying eqdir and downloading eqmod . So from what I now the only one way to connect basic heq5 to my laptop is to do simple gpusb (rj12 to USB) adapter and connect it to the hand controller following the instruction from shoestring . Am right ? anybody did that and can confirm its actually working ? And does that still let me to use eqmod and CDC software? I've got so many questions and I hope to get some answers :-) Casper
  8. Shutter it's closed , its opening only when i taking pictures , but if that will be a Shutter pictures should be black or half black i guess . i start losing my hope ... well next time I'll definitely give my camera to the right hands, thank you for all your help
  9. I've checked all the cables and reconnect them again and still ...images are white , i have tried on lots different setting . even using fastest shutter setting didn't help , i spot difference between the shots taking with different white balance settings, that hard spike on histrogram is moving ! Sometimes its right the end of histrogram or right before it .maybe sensor is damaged , if anything else works :-(
  10. Hi guys I've checked the histogram and there is hard spike right at the end , so i guess it's taking overexposure pictures ? I'll reconnect all the ribbon cables today like you said guys , thank you all for respond I'll let you know if that helps.
  11. Hi all yesterday i did filter removal modification on my canon 300d following Gary honis tutorial , basically what im gettin now its just a blank picture . pure white ! Display works fine showing everything like it was before , all other settings work as well , i did reconnect all the ribbon cables again about a hour ago and that didn't help , does anybody have similar problem ? or maybe you have any ideas how to fix it ?
  12. Great image :)i love this red color ! i was trying to capture same frame using Sony alpha 390 , i did 10x60sec and after stacking horsehead was barely visible do i need more/longer subs or modified camera ?
  13. Grea job you, mosaic looks awesome and you have lots of details with not that long exposures .Wow
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