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  1. Snatched a shot while moon still quite low down. Clear night - its looking good. Hope everyone else is getting some good views.
  2. Sometimes the rushed ones are the best - cool shot
  3. Welcome Flyboy, You should find somebody here has the answers for you. I have a Celestron Goto which I believe has similar features. Make sure your time/date/location inputs are spot on. It's very easy to make a wrong input which will confuse the hell out of the scope whatever alignment method you use. On my scope you use the finderscope to slew to your target at rate 9. I press ALIGN - then look through the eyepiece & move the target onto the very centre of the circle & press ENTER (the scope has automatically dropped to a much lower slewing speed enabling me to do this) I then move on to my next target etc. Are you able to do this?
  4. No problem Maybe Hex & Stargazer51N (or anyone else) you can help me? a) can you recommend a 12V powertank for the Nexstar? I am on a budget so I need something relatively cheap - at present my viewing sessions are 2, maybe 3 hours max. Any companies in particular? On SGL I keep timing out & having to re-enter my password. I was reading this thread for about 10 minutes, then as I went to write this reply & suddenly I'm being asked for my password etc again. Minor issue but annoying. any ideas?
  5. Interesting experience with the battery voltage Stargazer51. I currently use the 1.2v rechargeable type & have had no problems! What did you encounter? Celestron Tech spec paperwork I have does not specify 1.5 or 1.2v - should they make this clearer?
  6. Hmmm, not sure hex. If I was you I'd a) Go to the Utility menu & -re-set 'factory settings' i.e clear the deck just in case you have accidentally got a weird parameter in there (warning, this will wipe any other saved settings) & try again & if no go ring up the shop you bought it from & ask for some advice - maybe there is an electrical or gear fault in which case you are under warranty. Good luck!
  7. Depends what you mean by slow. Remember you are trying to track objects at huge distances. The lower rates are deliberately "very slow" so you can track at incredibly small increments. Standing back & trying to watch the scope moving at rate 1 for example is impossible - you will only notice when viewing an object through the lens. When you say "it moves very slowly" - are you observing a celestial object while doing this?
  8. Hi Hex, I havea Nexstar127, Define what you mean by you "star-hopping". You should have a sub-menu broken down into categories: Named stars, Names Objects, Double Stars etc which you can type or scroll through - select & your goto should take you to the star pronto, or enter the SAO number of the star if known. If you mean you are using the four direction arrows to scroll 'manually' around the sky it sounds like your slew rate settings are set too slow. You should hav a "rate" button - mine is on a scale of 1-9, 9 being the fastest. Press the rate button followed by the desired number, or there is a quicker way again "Simply press the arrow button of the direction you wish to travel, while holding this button down press the opposite directional button - this will increase the speed to the maximum slew rate". Bit puzzled why you have to keep switching it off & on. You are definitely sure you have confimed the sky align process has been completed before trying to star hop? My goto has a soft background 'tick tick' sound as you describe - the autotracking functioning as normal - not sure about the sound changing in different directions - different slewing speeds give a different pitch but this is what I'd expect. Let me know how you get on.
  9. Vofa

    Hello all

    Very warm welcome:D
  10. Welcome Coxy from somebody actually west of you - down in deepest south devon
  11. Welcome & its never too late to start!
  12. Vofa

    on a mission

    Welcome to SGL I still have a replica Canuck Hockey Team Shirt from 1995 when I visted BC & the Canadian Rockies! Are they still a good team?
  13. Welcome to SGL from fellow newbie
  14. Constellation Cygnus looking clear from S Devon coast about 9pm - now though 90% cloud cover - crapola - very frustrating - time for a Bombardier
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