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  1. Just sold a 3.5 Hyperion (hope you enjoy it John) and bought a 5mm Baader ortho......hows that for reverse psychology........the hyperion was amazing on the moon and really comfortable to use......im just playing the field, see whats out there......sell one buy one sort of thing....i bought a 13mm widescan for 200 quid and have nothing but contempt for it, apart from its field of view ive had better results from a cheap plossl. I will definitely buy some lower power Hyperions. Mike
  2. Yes Gaz, 7 years tattooing 2 years owning my own shop. Mike
  3. That was a great read......taught me more on how to correctly find the NCP with my eq mount. this bit... http://www.themcdonalds.net/richard/astro/writings/badstart.shtml had me in stitches....the experienced guys on here must have a good laugh at us newbees at times...see us buy equipment and struggle then sell and buy bigger then struggle some more then buy smaller... you guys are on here are so patient with people almost like psychiatrists analyzing peoples hastiness and pointing them in the right direction, Im on a lot of tattoo artists boards where the patience level is on the floor and dont tolerate many DIY enthusiasts due to the safety level of the job but we all have a good laugh at the newbees when they dont infuriate us into bannig them,we keep one topic called "tips and information" (which we were going to erase from the boards) open just for the artists and mods to have a giggle at the crazy questions, how do i`s and how to`s. Here everyone is cool. Mike
  4. Hello there, im a noob on here and Saturn is my fave, try some orthoscopic eyepieces, more contrast, less light distortion. Ive spent bucket loads on eyepieces and my fave one for Saturn cost me 25 quid.........high cost is not always best.........its what suits you
  5. Just took it apart and can see that the bolt is screwed almost all the way in and bent from the inside making it lock against the inside castings. .........well 2 hours later i got it out......heres the offending article
  6. Its got around half of a turn play either way then it locks up. Mike
  7. Well, i truly sussed it..........the cg5 mount has a siezed latitude setting bolt and will not come out, i think if i put too much force on it then it will chew into the threads, im going to take it apart later and see whats the damage, without the weights the lat scale reads 53. once the weights are added it slumps forward to around 40. I align it every night (last clear 7 days) still the goto is way out. shame realy, i bought it from Maroon Bells a SGL member who knew it was siezed.... thanks for that. Mike
  8. Hello peeps, couple of questions...... been trying to find flocking paper online in the uk but can`t find a supplier, i was wondering if i could use black felt? i have a dewshield which is lined in what looks like black felt ...and in the last week the inside walls of the dewshield look invisable, seems felt would be a lot easier to glue than paper as it is so much more plyable and easier to find, but what concerns me is the fibers from the felt ending up on the mirrors of the scope....i read somewhere that it could be a problem......what about mat blackboard paint.....no reflections from that? the other question is....i have some image shift when i focus the c9.25 which is a problem at medium and high mag (13mm, 7mm) is there any kind of upgrade for this? Last thing is........ive been looking for an eyepiece for Saturn need as much contrast as poss around 7mm for use without a barlow i dont wear specs so eyerelief aint a prob. All information will be well appreciated, thanks guys, Mike
  9. Thanks, just got back in, i started an alignment earlier....started on Caph and it slewed quite close this time....then i got visitors so i just loosened the clutches and moved the scope around manually then used the handset to fine adjust.......been looking for M61.....couldnt spot it, im using a Sunpower switching power supply on 12 volts off an extension lead, Mike
  10. Yes, i tried putting in the day at first and wouldnt accept the number 13 so i gathered it was month first.
  11. Thanks for that, when you say "park the scope and switch off" do i just leave the scope in its last position or do i set dec/ra markers up etc? the handset gives you the option of using your last settings when you turn it on......do i ignore this and (hit undo) put the time, location and date in again? Mike
  12. Wow........i realy dont know what to say........... im now the owner of a celestron 9.25 xlt which came with the cg-5 sgt mount, the mount has battered my head for the last 2 lovelly clear nights, instead of doing some observing (which would of put a smile inbetween my rosey red frozen cheeks) all i have done is try and set this thing up. This is one example of many attempts i have done in the last 2 days...... I started off checking north with my compass, pointing the mount north till i could see Polaris in the hole in the mount, i set the latitude setting to around 53. and ballanced the scope with the weights earlier, balanced the mount with a bubble level, lined up the dec and r.a markings and switched the handset on and entered my location, time, date, daylight savings off and went for a 2 star alignment...caph was the first, then the scope shot around to the west and pointed just above the moon......it was a million miles out, i altered the slew speeds then moved the scope towards Caph.....up-right, down-left, up-right down-right, up-left, all the way right etc....for half an hour till i found caph in the finder.......by this time the finder was on the other side of the scope and i was on my hands and knees, so i clicked enter with a sense of marvel and courageous achievement, i then picked Deneb and the scope shot off well high toward polaris, so off i went again...round a bit, up a bit, down a bit, over a bit, all the way down, all the way up, up a bit more,.....it took that long that Deneb had dropped behind the back fence so i changed the star to Atik and the scope went well away again........after the star align i did a calibration with Dubhe and it all went to pot again...........after all that it said alignment successful, so i did a goto the Moon........and it pointed up vertical when the moon was over in the west.......id had enough of the goto system and slewed to the moon anyway and stared at it until the bright light triggered a migrane.....so i packed up and went to bed and shivvered myself to sleep. Never owned an EQ mount before, i understand how they work....in theory when they are lined up with the NCP........but i would trade the up-right, down-left, up-right down-right, up-left for an alt/az mount any day as i have no interest in photography, It took me 3 hours to find Saturn without a finderscope the night i bought it, it realy has me puzzled.
  13. Ive found the cheapest new type 6 Naglers here starting at £209, delivered. http://www.telescopesales.co.uk/ .........i do too much price checking
  14. Hello folks, been thinking of a new scope...... something that will take 1.25 eyepieces....the bigger the better, ive managed to con the misses into having the ETX105 as long as i can spend around a grandish for another, that way i get to use them both, im going to build a brick plinth in the back yard so i dont need a tripod, and will use the ETX for finding and learning and the new one for good close up visuals............not fussed with frills, gps or autofinders, i can do that with the ETX and besides that just adds too much to the cost.......its been on my mind all weekend, any recomendations? thanks, Mike
  15. Just thought id like to mention this barlow....i bought it from "scopes n skies" for £89 taking a gamble after being drawn in to their add.......British made with Jap optics.........new locking system, all sounds good and they look amazing but if you use Baader Hyperions they dont lock and keep moving around if your viewing something directly above you, ive contacted S n S through email but waiting for a reply. Mike
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