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  1. Thanks for the reply, I'll have a look... It's proving hard to find the right bits for it.
  2. A friend of mine has recovered this old brass telescope from his attic and wants to be able to view the wildlife from his house with it. Its an old Ross brass telescope, 2.5 inches in diameter but it has no mounting bits at all to fix it to anything, its just the brass tube and its heavy to hold up. He does not want to drill it, so who is the best person/company to talk to about buying some sort of clamps and a wooden/brass tripod for it....? Thanks
  3. But if you take an image that has colour in it and remove the colour so its just black and white...are you not doing exactly what you are saying sucks
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum....and welcome to The Lake District too...
  5. GeorgeH


    Hi and welcome from me... Hope its not pouring down for you like it is here...
  6. Hi again folks, just moved house (who would move house 19th Dec !! ?) and got my internet back on . The evening light from Whitehaven is a little more than I hoped it would be...just need to get some clear skies and gale-force wind free nights to find out
  7. Good morning Rattler and welcome to SGL... I'm a biker too, I think there are 1 or 2 in here
  8. Hi and welcome from me too
  9. ...I'll listen to Sally Traffics reports with renewed interest now
  10. GeorgeH

    Hello from Germany

    Hi and willkommen Nicolas...
  11. Great, thanks for the info Dave
  12. ...and I thought my 250 was big, congratulations on your new scope
  13. Glad your scope arrived Mine is now tested and tucked away until Christmas. I have a few wetsuits in the garage that I can no longer get into so I feel a light shroud will be next on the list...ahh a Christmas Day project to get me away from sprouts and The Two Ronnies
  14. Good evening...just seeing if the Cumbrian Skies group is going to let me in...
  15. Ah ha...if I go into the group from where you suggest ... it works, I was going in from another link that does not seem to do anything... Thanks for that...
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