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  1. Using my 5" reflector and 25mm eyepiece, the Beehive cluster looks amazing. I can get most of it in the eyepiece and the other night I had 3/4 Beehive and Mars in the same view...stunning!
  2. Even though they are edge on and not as beautiful, I find it very interesting being able to see the the rings as a tiny thin black line across the surface of the planet.
  3. 1st decent result shooting the moon. Nexstar 130 SLT. Nikon D40 at Prime Focus 1/20 sec ISO 400
  4. Thanks Rob. When I get my scope back from repair I'll give it a go.
  5. In the last Sky at Night show, Patrick Moore pronounced Sirius Sigh-rius, shortly afterwards, Chris Lintott pronounced it Si-rius. I would say Si-rius
  6. Rob, what was the exposure time for these photos?
  7. I am probably involved in the post on the cloudy nights forum. My 130 SLT Azimuth motor has gone faulty. I have tried to move it manually and it is impossible.
  8. Hi Catkins, Even through a cheap telescope, you should be able to see good detail in the moon. Perhaps there was a lot of high clouds / haziness which caused the problem.
  9. Hi, I gave my Tal-1 scope to a relative but I don't have the user manual. Is it available for download online? I couldn't see it. Thanks.
  10. Thank God. I thought I was the only one that couldn't see anything! All I could see with my 130mm was a pale yellow disc.
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