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  1. tomo

    I'm SAD

    It's here! Astro Panel says it's clear tonight (in Wilts), a balmy 13 Deg C at 1am and no moon...
  2. There was a young lady from Bright, Who could travel faster than light, She left one day in a relative way, And came back the previous night.
  3. I struggled with my red dot finder, when I first had it. Could I see the red dot!! Until I walked around the front of the telescope only to see the red dot in the glass..... Doh!!! I'd mounted it the wrong way around .
  4. Are your days numbered? I sincerely hope not! I know that these things can be difficult, especially if, like me, you are a bit shy. I think that this is note to us all to reach out to all members, to engage them in discussion, to promote our hobby in the best way possible. We need perseverence on both sides.
  5. tomo


    Hi Spaceface, Hope the course goes well for you. Do let us know what you think of it. Cheers Tom
  6. LOL - I was washed out with the tide on Friday - it was the Swindon beer festival.....
  7. Thanks for all the ideas guys. You have certainly given me plenty to think about. I rather like the refiguring idea. Something to discuss with Oldham Optical. I could cannibalise the remaining parts and have a new telescope reborn from the old. Thanks Tom
  8. I too have a cracked corrector plate, on an Orion Optics XLX200 8" Schmidt Newtonian. See picture. To be honest I just don't know what to do with it . It would be a shame to consign it to the recycling bin. May be I should just put it on AstroBuySell and see if anyone makes an offer. I sold the mount to part fund the replacemnent (10" Meade Lightbridge). Tom
  9. Shibby, It's working on my Wildfire, thanks. Some much fun in 1.2mb - no bloat-wear on Android! Going to try it my wife's Acer Aspire One Netbook (Android 2.3)... Tom
  10. Excellent links! Really useful for planning that next holiday..... Thanks Tom
  11. Lewis, It is very beautiful and the bit at the bottom looks like the place where the water collects. One thing I'd like to understand more is the colours used on the image. Are these a true representation of what it would look like if you were close up to it - sitting in your space capsule or are they an "interpretation" of what it would look like? Tom
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