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    work at Mills Observatory Dundee have been interested in astronomy and spaceflight since 1968 Hon member of Ayrshire Astronomical Soc and Airdrie Astronomical Association , former curator of Airdrie and also worked at the coats observatory in Paisley , like observing with small telescopes when not using 250mm cooke
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  1. I have got the 76mm Zennox reflector and there is nothing wrong with it as I live in a high rise flat with a balcony unfortunately I cant have a big telescope , I had this scope for about 5 years now and get good views of the moon , and planets and star clusters. the telescope is identical to the sky watcher version as they are made in the same factory in China , the eyepiece's are not brilliant but the scope works fine , if I want to use a bigger telescope I have a 400mm reflector in the observatory where I work .
  2. a few years back we got a meade 12 inch SCT for our observatory ( Mills Observatory Dundee) I was amazed despite how heavy the meade was it was unusable when someone enters the dome ! the old 10inch Cooke telescope is rock solid ,mount is not attached to the floor but on a pillar which go's down to the bottom of the building so no vibrations . we ordered a set of compression pads and while not perfect make the telescope useable However we now have a 16 inch Skywatcher Dobsonian which has obsoleted the meade and I no longer have any vibration problems !
  3. I was told by one of the presenters early this year that the program would continue until christmas and then the BBC would make a decision about it's future . If this is true and we are only in September this is a total disgrace . The BBC has gone downhill drastically over the last five years , we have seen the Television centre shut down and sold of nowadays in the UK TV like everything else is privatised outside companies make the programs for the BBC as it has sold of the studios and transmitters its totally incapable of producing programs itself sadly as Sir Patrick is no longer with us Farthings was the Studio without this being available the costs would have went up drastically as without television centre all the programs have been visits to observatories etc. In the old Days Patrick would be in a studio and give us a 20 minute talk and interview mainly BAA amature astronomers and ocasional profesional Astronomers The BBC is totally dumbed down nowadays this is yet another example of why in Scotland we need our own Scottish Broadcasting Corporation
  4. Thanks Paul ! it was very moving watching tonight's program , I have a small telescope in my balcony just like the one the lady was using to see the shopping trolley !, its amazing what you can actually see with a 76mm reflector ! even better when you upgrade the eyepieces and thanks to Patrick I don't need a computer to find things in the sky looking forward to watching you all on the sky at night Patrick would want it to continue
  5. Planetarium is still hear it was last upgraded in the 1980s it's now one of only three operational planetaria in Scotland I am doing planetarium talks tonight its my favorite thing in the observatory but it is on its last legs I fixed it last week ! I love the old mechanical projectors prefer them to modern digital projectors any day. The Glasgow Science Centre has a large ziess electro mechanical projector its probibily the best in Europe if not the UK
  6. Its a book I got it and it is to me worth every penny something i will treasure along with the copy's of patriks books I have some signed as for the magazine I hope it will continue as also the TV program
  7. Looks like all you get for an extra £40 is an extra eyepeice !
  8. Of all Patrick's telescopes this one was my favourit one , the 12inch in the run off shed , I think this was originaly at his first observatory at East Grinsted it was hear in the late 40s and earlie 50s that Patrick did his moon maping he also observed the moon with H.P.Willkinson and they both published a book wilkinson had allready made a moon map this is almost certinly encouraged Patrick to start his own Map , this was also the telescope that Patrick made his discovery of the craters we see at the liberation ? of the moon when we get to see a wee bit of the farside. It was apropriate that when the soviet's got the first pictures of the far side of the moon copys where sent to Patrick who had the scoop of showing them live on the Sky at Night. Patrick was consulted by NASA but by the time of Apollo they had the USAF moon map which was the baises of the Rand McNally moon Map which appeared in Patrick's atlas of the universe published in 1970s of all his books this is my favourite one. Patrick visited the lowel observatory at flagstaff Arizona and got to look at Mars through it.
  9. He was my inspiration , from watching him during the Apollo Moon landings , he showed me how to be an astronomer , I wil treasure the memorys of first meeting him at Dundee in 1975 and the visits to Selsey thanks to Patrick I have a life long interest in Space and Astronomy and ended up working in the Observatory at Dundee as well as the airdrie and paisley observatorys . please keep the sky at night going on TV I will treasure his Atlas of the Universe and his 1970 book Space
  10. simple unscrew the knob to remove telescope from dobson mount then screw [removed word] back into telescope , you then buy from ebay a 3/6inch to quarter inch witworth adapter approx cost £2 this was for use with medium format cameras which have a bigger tripod mount this little adapter screws into the thread on the front of the knob you can now attach the telescope to a standard camera tripod , although a decent tripod cost the same as the telescope ! I can fit both into a small backpack
  11. Had a look last night Jupiter with the high power eyepiece could see equatorial cloud belts and 4 moons (sky watcher version required Barlow for this) field of view is not as wide as sky watcher version , also had a look at the Orion nebula this was seen best wit the high power. Unfortunately the Barlow lens is not very good suffering from false colour it is a good little grab and go scope and would benefit from using better eyepieces a bargain at only £39.99 !
  12. brief test of it ln the early hours of this morning looked at stars in ursa major and orion with low power eyepiece and the scope looks ok if its clear tonight when I come home from the observatory I will have a shot with it , I already have the sky watcher version and bought the 2x Barlow which was only £9 cheaper than the aldi telescope ! I have know problem with observing with small telescopes I have given a talk on observing with smal telescopes to several astronomical society's it will surprise people what you can see , you can also upgrade them by buying better eyepieces , I have got 3/8 to 1/4 adapter for the aldi telescope so I can attach it to a camera tripod both fit in a back pack
  13. have been buying this it is very good but its more based for beginners as opposed to spaceflight highly recommend it its the first space mag since space flight news in the 80s
  14. I got this this morning , I already have the sky-watcher version of this telescope , I think the national geographic version is an improvement over the sky watcher I am quite impressed with the alt azz scale it also comes with a 2x Barlow which you will need for the planets as the focal length is only 350mm , the eyepieces are full size not the small .95 although not as good quality as the sky watcher eyepieces but for 39.99 you cant complain it also has a small planisphere and a cd with stellarium , the build of this telescope is identical to the sky watcher version, you can take it of the dobson mount and buy a 1/38 to 1/14 adapter which you can then fit it to a camera tripod which both telescope and tripod fit in a small back pack , these telescopes are all the same as made in the same factory in china and badged some company's like OVL specify a better quality of eyepiece but the OTA is the same except design of the pictures on tube the national geographic one is a bit like the quastar and spitz moonscope of the 50s with the star constellations ! have not yet tried it out apart from looking at landscape seems ok
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