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  1. Tonight was my first time ever seeing M31, it totally blew me away, was a rugby ball shape, filled up the eyepiece. I have waited my whole life to see this, and tonight I did, blown away!!!!
  2. Well, just put my picked up tips from Martin to the test...and it worked! First time tonight of seeing something other than a planet or star...Orion's Nebula Sooooo pleased. Now the Andromeda galaxy is the next thing I have been trying to find for months, so that's next
  3. I'm sure you may know the person who I am talking about actually, first name's Martin, really nice helpful guy actually!
  4. Newbie ish on here I work for the brown delivery company, and I am lucky enough to have quite a good dark sky area within my area (Steyning/Wiston) and Wednesday evening last week, my last delivery was in Wiston. I noticed it was very clear and generally amazing star gazing weather, so I said to the person "Think I might get the telescope out later" - to which he replied "I'm into that - let me get my Bino's out" Half an hour later, I'm clued up on how to find Andromeda, couple of clusters etc etc, and have actually seen Andromeda properly, just through binoculars! I'm thinking I may have to
  5. Hi there, Last weekend for my 30th, my wife and family & friends clubbed together and got me a Celestron Nexstar 4SE. I tried it out Sunday evening, and tried 5 times to get SkyAlign to work - it failed every time. Anyways, after trying a further 12 times last night, I found out that the latitude and longitude were set to somewhere off the California coast, rather than the UK. I corrected this last night by dong a factory reset, then tonight tried to align it. Success! But when I selected to view Jupiter for example, it was always out, not much at all on the first attempt, but still enough
  6. Thanks for all the warm welcomes Not really done a lot of photography recently, certainly none of the heavens above lol! I have an EOS 30D - so not too new! This clip on it's own is a total inspiration:
  7. Hi, I'm new on here, I've been signed up on here for a little while, and simply admire the photography work on here. I haven't got a telescope yet, but maybe someday soon I will have The reason I am now so interested in Astronomy is Brian Cox. What a total legend he is! (I read on here not everyone agrees! ) Wonders of the Universe & Wonders of the Solar System fascinated me. My first ever DVD I bought was the BBC "The Planets" series 14 years ago! Anyway, I'm Mike, from West Sussex, UK and in to my little hot hatch cars, photography and astronomy of course. Well, that's it from me Mike
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