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  1. We live in rural south Wales,right on top of an exposed hilltop.we have a few street lamps out the front seeing we live on a small council estate but they are completly shielded by the house.light pollution is very low here but the weather up here is very bad when it wants to be,the wind is bad enough to tip my 300mm scope over if it wanted too.skies are stunning tho well worth being out in the biting cold and wind
  2. hiya and welcome i started out the same way and now i have a 300mm telescope . i think every one shouls stop buying telescopes and bits for 1 week and see what happens to those annoying new scope clouds hehe
  3. Hi all i was wondering if a dob can be used to take pictures of some kind as i have bought a huge dobsonian and the views are stunning.Any advice would be great cheers
  4. i had first light the other night with my 300mm revelation and was blown away with the sights.welcome to the dob mob
  5. hi all so glad tonight was clear as i got to use my new dob for the first time and the views were stunning.Jupiter was amazing as i got to see the belts for the first time since i started astronomy and i managed to cram in a few double stars and clusters too before the clouds came in.the collimation was slightly out but not enough to cause problems,i need to buy a collimator to sort it out.hardly any comma effects and minor diffraction spike effects so im really pleased with this scope.
  6. hi all has any one got any good ideas for cleaning a primary mirror,my celestron has a dirty mirror from being stored.some how despite the scope having its caps and cover on it seems that the mirror has dust and fluff balls/mould fluff on it nothing to serious tho.any ideas would be great as this will be a first for me many thanks
  7. hi all some of you may have remembered my post about my obsy being blown down in the xmas storms, unfortunately the shed wasnt covered by the insurance i have.good news tho as i have managed to buy a replacement 8x6 shed from family in pristine condition at a family discount and it sits exactly where the original was,no ground work needed so it went up in a weekend.all the electrics are re installed and telescope no 1 is back in and the 12" inch will be put in shortly.all my posters and charts were lost so have been looking around for more to replace them and i managed to buy a star and moon
  8. my new 12" dobsonian is sat in my living room calling out for first light.its been there nearly 2 weeks
  9. im having trouble uploading can they be re sized here as i have never posted pics here
  10. hi we have very good skies as we are out in the country and well away from towns so light pollution is not a huge concern,we do have a bit of glare on the eastern horizon due to the local village down the road but that don't affect seeing conditions.its just mainly rolling hills and valleys here in our part of wales and of coarse the rain
  11. i got the large one for big bikes/ride on lawn mower.and i can stand up in it with a foot to spare )
  12. i have one which also has a motorcycle in it but they great as a temporary telescope shelter too they clip together like a frame tent so can be packed up and put in a car for taking to a site.they peg down on the inside and obviously fold back when observing then quickly folded back over if rain threatens.hight wise it depends on your telescope i can fit a 12" dob in it or my astromaster 130 so could be a possibility for you
  13. hi i have just purchased a 12" revelation dob made by GSO you mite of seen my post titled 3 days until my scope arrives .i got mine from telescope house and im very impressed with it and the aftersales service too.its been here 2 days and i have had a good look around it and it oozes quality GSO have a very good review rate and the reputation is good too,it seems more and more people are turning to GSO for a reasonably priced telescope with quality that rates as good as our more known brands of telescopes.GSO known as Guan sheng optical have a great website too.id deffo recommend these telesco
  14. hi all the scope is assembled and its huge .its going to live in my obsy so it wont be moved far other than out the door,think i need a scope trolley if any one knows where i can get 1.i have never seen such good quality on a telescope and i think it was well worth its money lets hope the optics are good.im so happy with this scope its beyond next upgrade is new eyepieces for it
  15. i wish lol it mite get a bit wet tho as its raining again .its sitting in my living room at the moment as new observatory (1st blew down over xmas) is being built
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