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  1. Hey SLG! So for some time now I have been looking for some way to attach a laser pointer mount to my telescopes standard mounting screw, but I cant seem to find any that work. If any one knows a way to make this happen please let me know. I have attached an example of what I am trying to do.
  2. Thank you! Ya this is a single exposure but I do not remember the exposure time.
  3. Hello SGL, the other night I thought I would have a go at imaging M42 with my DSLR just to see the outcome. I did a rough polar alignment through my polar scope and did a planetary alignment with my mount. With that said I did not expect the image to have as much detail and color as it did. Thank you!
  4. Great thank you so much Space Cowboy and Kropster!
  5. Could you recommend an OTA that would sit nicely on my CG-5 Mount?
  6. Sounds good but will the barlow attach to my DSLR adapter?
  7. Hello SGL, I have recently started some planetary imaging not too long ago with a DSLR, but with not so great results. I know DSLR's are not the best when it comes to planetary imaging, but I just wanted to see what would happen. I've attached an image which was made with about 2 min of video and as you can see the image is very small. I was told this would happen due to my OTA which is a "Sky-Watcher PRO 80ED". Now my questions is how can I achieve more detail and bigger images without buying a new OTA. Would a CCD camera and a barlow help, or should I just buy a new OTA and just keep using t
  8. Sorry for not getting back to you all as fast as I wanted, but thank you all for your help and info!
  9. This is what I'm working with Skywatcher Pro SW 80ED APO 80mm | Celestron CG5 mount | Canon EOS T1i | Orion Magnificent Mini Auto guider package. You said if I have a barlow or powermate the planet will be bigger, could you please link me to a barlow. Just want to read up on it some more. Thank you so much for all your help James!
  10. Hey SGL, I've been wanting to try and take some planetary images, but I do not know where to start. I have a decent mount, good OTA and a DSLR. Now I know DSLR's are not the best for taking planetary images but thats what I have for now. I also have a auto guider but I do not know if an auto guider is needed for planetary imaging. Any help or links would be great! Thank you!
  11. Johnc64 thank you so much! This will work great! Sent from my HTCONE using Tapatalk
  12. Hey SGL, I would like to know if any members know of a program like "Backyard EOS" that works on Mac. Any info or help would be great!
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