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  1. rslappers

    A Change

    Well I'm back I er got distracted, stayed with binos and now I've bought a Sky-Watcher Heritage-130P FlexTube so the gazing shall proceed at full pace. I hope.
  2. I've just ordered one following reading many reviews, yours included Dodge, for a good first scope, it'll be with me tomorrow, I won't leave the binoculars in the draw but I'm looking forward to my first real 'scope.
  3. rslappers

    A Change

    Having raced motorcycles badly for several years I decided on a bit of a change of hobby so here we go I've just bought some 15x70 celestron bino's and soon if the desire to navigate our galaxy isn't a passing phase I'll invest in a starter scope, that's when you'll get all of my stupid questions. I hope you'll help. Peter
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