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  1. The first thing I ever saw through a telescope was Jupiter! It's absolutely mind blowing! We are due for some clear skies over the next few nights so will have my bins out! Wish I had a telescope! :-(
  2. Could anyone tell me if we will get to see it in Wrexham?
  3. I was just about to post this! Fascinating stuff!
  4. A few breaks in the clouds here but still hazy at best! :0(
  5. The view from voyager looking back at the sun and Jupiter?
  6. I've seen it 4 times now, 3 times in London and once at the Kennedy space centre in Florida! I love it! Might look at getting it on DVD!
  7. I'd say it's Jupiter and something but couldn't say what... When was it taken?
  8. Weather is hit and miss this eve but the clouds parted in enough time to see the supernova! :0)
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