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  1. A little clearing in the near constant cloud cover allowed me to catch these 2 little beauties. I cannot 100% confirm them to be Draconids but it was the correct time and i was viewing in that general direction... Enjoy! Equipment: Yukon Ranger night vision monocular 5x42
  2. Well, you guys have all been real swell, whatever the feelings on my subject matter! In answer to one question, i use an app called 'space junk' to monitor the sats, iss etc, then 'flight radar' for planes and stellarium also for sats, orientation and info. Guys, i'm a skeptical person myself, or at least was. I have spent many years watching the sky, stars, moon etc with no unusual events to report. Then 2 years ago i moved house and started seeing things on the odd occasion that didn't seem to tally up with the conventional things that i know to be up there. I accept it's mostly gonna be the stuff of man up there whether known or unknown, but then i can't be arrogant enough to take the close minded view that nothing else could be out there. So the ranger idea formed and here we are(...another cloudy night!) I call it sky fishing! lol ...and today the waters are murky! And yes, outer worldly stuff aside, i've seen some other great stuff thru the ranger that i think will go down here ok. I was hoping to image the current supernova, comets may also be interesting and then i've seen some large meteor streaks, just wasn't recording at the time! Thanks again for making a guy feel at home, i'll quit with the ramble for now and consider myself introduced. Now if someone could just direct me to a dark little corner suitable to chart my night vision escapades it would be much appreciated... Peace and love Alternateworld
  3. Thanks for all the kind welcomes guys! @Jmb I'd say a bit of both really. The Yukon is not the extent of the equipment available to me, i'm hoping to be bringing other images here in time using a rebel t3 and 650-1300 zoom lens. Lunar and solar observations are also of interest to me. Maybe not so much deep, deep space astronomy. The yukon is a fantastic bit of kit, no it's not quite military grade, but plenty good enough to pick up some night sky anomalies, i think some of my vids already show that...
  4. Hi there chunkie! Thanks for being the 1st to welcome me to this interesting site... Peace
  5. Hey there... I'm a newbie here so i just thought it polite to say hi an' all! I'm a uk sky watcher, preferred method is the Yukon Ranger digital night vision monocular at the moment. I've been trying this out(in between clouds!) for the last month and seen some amazing stuff. I thought i'd join up here and get some views on the things i'm catching. Examples... UFO watch Shropshire UK - 5th September 2011(2/2) Distant Spaceship?! - YouTube UFO watch Shropshire UK - 1st September 2011 (1/3) - YouTube UFO watch - Shropshire UK - 17th August 2011 - YouTube Yes, i entitle my videos UFO watch, but i'm fully open minded as to all the rational explanations 'out there'. I'm sure there maybe the odd iridium satellite etc in my vids, but i try to leave most of the conventional satellites and planes on the cutting room floor. If there's any interest in me posting these here, please advise me which thread is best to put them in the future. Thanks for looking! alternateworld
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