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  1. Scientist = Feynman (bongos - enough said) Astronomer = Sir PM (responsible for my interest) Mathemetician = Euler (prolific)
  2. Not sure if it has changed now, but when I looked at the OU, astronomy seemed to be a specialisation within the broader context of a physics (or natural sciences...) degree? I stand to be corrected on that though. On that basis I went for UCLAN as it was purely astronomy related. Naturally I cant compare teaching quality etc, but have found the tutors and general student assistance etc at UCLAN to be top notch.
  3. Grouch mode on. Worst sci-fi is anything with ewoks, or any other cute and cuddly life form. I just know I am going to get hate mail
  4. A bit literal perhaps but The Romance of the Telescope by OMD
  5. Seen several build reviews and the tricky part is mating the shuttle to the main fuel tank. Too much pressure and it all turns back into lego bricks! Very nice though.
  6. At any sort of velocity, the microscopic particles in space would surely turn your multi-billion pound vessel into a very cheap collander?
  7. Forget the telescope - it's the SGL beanie hat and car sticker that counts A very warm welcome and happy stargazing.
  8. The Intro to Astronomy is relatively straightforward in terms of its maths content - a small amount of trig, powers of 10, logarithms, rerranging equations. I can't recommend it enough - does what it say's on the tin and the residential course was worth every penny Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  9. If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe - Carl Sagan
  10. OK. Here's a doozy of a noob question. What is a visual back, why is it and is there a non-visual back?
  11. Just like to thank OPer and all those that responded.Another newbie here who couldn't figure out difference in fast and slow. Understand it now so thanks all, although I think my brain runs on f15
  12. And who are the fat blokes in the blue jackets standing at the windows? But seriously thanks for post.
  13. Can't see the flappy paddle gear shift and I bet it was a little man with a hand crank that got it started.
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