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  1. Hi Chris! Basically you need a handset. I have a NEQ6 and HEQ5, the latter just with an EQDIR cable. What I did was simply switch the cable attached to the NEQ handset (a com port type connector) for a 'network' type cable that fits the HEQ, and I could use the utility function to dim the bright display. Once dimmed, it stays dimmed. Until I realised how easy it was to fix, I was thinking I would need to find a fellow SGer nearby and borrow a handset. So, do you have access to a handset? If not, where do u live?
  2. Indeed. Comes in handy when you want to turn down the polarscope illumination tho Thanks guys- you were spot on. I dug out an old network cable and it worked a treat. Interestingly the illumination is 100% out of the box, but as soon as I plugged in my handset it reset to a level approx 38%. Next time I setup (of these clouds ever go) I will retry EQASCOMs polardimmer.exe and see if it works now. Ta!
  3. Thanks Peter and Danielle, sorry to be dim, gotcha! This shows how good EQMOD is, it's been an age since I even got the handset out and had a close look! LOL
  4. Very nice Hats off. I don't seem to have the patience for planetary work these days, especially as it gets colder. I seemed to spend all last winter trying to get jup onto a SPC900 chip, doh!
  5. I recently bought a new HEQ5 Syntrek, since I use EQMOD I felt no need for the GoTo handset. Also as I have a NEQ6 Pro with its handset gathering dust in a box, I naively thought that I could always use that handset with the HEQ. Not so- the connection to the mount is completely different (why do they do that?). My issue are that 1. the polarscope illumination is set too high- if I had the handset I could turn it down, but alas... 2. How do I check/ update firmware on the mount? I gather if I did have the latest firmware, EQASCOMs 'Polardimmer.exe' would allow me to turn down the brightness without a handset, but it doesn't work at present. It's a little odd if it doesn't have the latest firmware, as it's new as of Sept 12. If I don't get a solution I'll try and borrow a handset from someone nearby
  6. Hi, I have EQDimmer, but can't get it to work. I have a new HEQ5 Peo, but went for no handset as I do all in EQASCOM.. I've tried using the dimmer slider, but no joy. Any tips?
  7. Seconded They can be hard to find, but seem to be in supply at present. Get one while you can, consider an extra base if you have more than one scope
  8. This looks interesting I just have acquired a 8-incher (no jokes please) so this would make a great 1st target
  9. On Yahoo Groups, they met last night, search CentralMidlandsStargazers Friendly people... bit of a trek from Brum tho so I'm waiting till nights are longer.
  10. I hope you won't mind me tagging on a related question please- My 450D is off to be modified. I've opted for simple filter removal only (the Astronomiser service). I currently use the CLS clip-in, but it sounds like I should consider changing to the CLS-CCD instead. Would I notice much difference either way? I read the comment about star bloat and yes, I will be using it with a refractor. Thanks
  11. Really fantastic images, thanks for sharing
  12. Brumtaffy


    That is very beautiful, well worth the wait, I'll bet Thanks for sharing
  13. This M101 is really outstanding Hubble quality!
  14. This is my M13 from last October with a SPC900 LX on my Skymax Mak 127 I think it was ~20 x 15 sec exposures. I was really pleased with it for AltAz Getting the core on the chip was a faff! Visually, you need to use averted vision to 'get' M13 with the Mak Funnily enough, I'm on M13 now with my ED80, this time guided on my EQ!
  15. Stunning GON and running man A rather surreal rendition
  16. Excellent Mars given the conditions Is that cloud detail you have there?
  17. Indeed, our needs are somewhat 'niche' ! I'd love to see more pics of how your tent extension/wind-shield works out Carole
  18. It's certainly a great idea. In Feb I spent a very happy week at 'Astoadventures' in N Devon and when the clouds beggared-orf the sky was stunning. Your friends could do worse than look at their business model (2 wood cabin chalets, 2 obsies) which is comfortable accommodation plus loads of available aperture! The beauty of their set-up is that their Astro kit is there whether you want or not I haven't Astro-camped before and would be very keen to find out what equipment is best. Specific obsy tents are very expensive. Having seen your lovely website I believe you have a wind-shield arrangement, is that correct Carole? Also some advice about seasonal camping... Brrrrrrrr
  19. If u look at CCDCalc (free download) you can see how diff targets look on diff camera chips (CCD or CMOS). It helps planning and manages your expectations
  20. That's a great report Phil Those of us who couldn't make it are damned jealous. A bientot!
  21. Not even the cloud here tonight can dampen my joy Cymru am Byth!
  22. Have a look at Highest useful magnification According to that source, you are within the range of useful magnification for a 200mm scope, so I guess it is the seeing. In addition Mars is low right now, have a go at 3am
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