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  1. Signed. Keep it up, will be giving this petition to several of my friends
  2. It's one of those questions where there is an impossible answer (or 0%), for example when people post mathmatical equations with improper use of bidmas and ask you to give a definitive mathmatical answer. But I too like 0% as an answer
  3. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace I just bought these from my other post on 10x50's. If you can wait 3-4 days I can let you know on how good and/or bad I found them to see if I can recommend them to you, for £20 insta buy I will take that risk!
  4. Praktica W10x50P Binoculars + Case *10 YEAR GUARANTEE* | eBay Those looked pretty decent, one of the more decent makes, I will have a look in aldi over the next couple days
  5. I today bought myself a silly little 8x21 monocular, not for anything astronomy related but I thought having one would be really neat as it can easily fit into a pocket and I can 'whip it out in a jiffy if the opportunity comes along'. There is a kite that flies above my house, beautiful bird and although my 8x21 gives a good view i'd love to see it closer without shooting it (not that I own a gun) and dissecting it. Long story short, I want a pair of 10x50 binoculars but have been holding off from getting a pair because of price and why get binoculars when I will soon be getting a telescope a
  6. So wait, keep the lights off during the day and keep them off during the night...whats the point of street lights exactly??? I can see the benefit for sky observers such as everyone on this forum, but it has puzzled me why my area has signs saying ''this lamp post is no longer in use'' on them.
  7. Can I ask what the spectroscope would be for in regards to observing? I'm sure i'm missing something but could you fill me in please
  8. The same goes for facebook. Any images that you upload on that website is owned by facebook.
  9. My first scope will have to be an 8" so when I do get it, it's name will have to be 'the big cojones'
  10. It's not your job to convince anyone of anything if they are not willing to listen. Unfortunately it sounds like it will have to be the price of admission for you to just let her be naive about where we come from....but as long as she isn't stoning cats or punching children then I don't see there being too much harm.......she is hot right? if she's hot then its ok.
  11. It's a shame he has been making increasingly bad star wars movies each time
  12. Thanks for the input guys its greatly appreciated. Weight is a major factor as I don't own a car on anything more than a provisional however access to transport isn't completely out of the question. This has helped me gauge what I am willing to get (this sounded more sinister than I had first intended...strokes cat....)
  13. Hello folks! I have taken the time to look at all kinds of scopes from the very cheap to the veryyyy expencive so I could gauge what I want to see and what is realistic for me. I have taken the time to focus on 8" scopes over 10" to save on size of the scope it's self, this for me is a sacrifice I am willing to make over clarity of deep space viewing. I have a few questions, for one what is it like carrying one of these? How much do they weigh? Any other pieces of information on this scope that you would like to share would be most appreciated!
  14. Thanks for the brilliant review, very indepth. I do have one question, all be it a bit basic and newbie. Does this telescope use a mount, or does it sit on the floor like that whilst you use it?
  15. I was having this debate with my dad, maybe you can settle it. Is there a difference between high end binoculars to cheap ones but still being the same magnification for example cheap pair vs expencive pair both being say 10x50
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