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  1. WOW - loved the comedy swearing - i'd have done much the same. Saw a little streak through the clouds from atop a hil in Berks but it looks amazing from where you are. I have shared it on Facebook if thats OK, I have a few astro nerds on there that will ove this! Seriously - get in touch with the BBC!
  2. A Couple of Images I took last night. As the Moon dominated the Southern Sky after about Midnight I thought I would get a few shots. First up a full colour shot of the moon, nothing done here except to adjust the Contrast and boost the Saturation slightly in GIMP. Love the Silver/Blues and Browns that have come through. SW ED80 EQ5 with EOS 1100D Monochrome - my aim here was to bring out the sharpness and detail while keeping the contrast high. Very happy with the result. SW 200P EQ5 with EOS 1100D.
  3. The camera was controlled by APT while connected to my Netbook via USB. The preview funstion is awesome on APT, will be buying the upgrade to the full version soonish.
  4. Taken on the 5th March. A single exposure of 1/500 @ 1600 ISO with an unmodded EOS 1100D attached to my 200P on an EQ5.
  5. Hey Guys, I have finally pulled together the missing peices for my Imaging rig. I have been patient and waited until I had everything I needed to have a good go at it for fear of being put off by a poor result obtained using incomplete kit. For my first target, I went for the obvious, M42. Mostly because you see it imaged a lot so I knew what the end result should look like, which gave me a good reference to use when capturing and processing. The image was made up of 10 x 30" light frames @800 ISO and 10 Darks at the same settings. They were taken unguided with an unmodded 1100D directly attached to an Skywatcher 80ED PRO. Stacked in DSS and finished with GIMP. The plan was to get a small sample of data just so I could get familiar with the mechanics of imaging with my scope, which I still need a few goes at before it gets 'smooth' At this stage I do not want to be fussing with trying to collect huge amounts of data while I am still worrying about this setting, or where did I put that adaptor etc. For such a small Data Set I am quite pleased. The image is very noisy but I know I can fix that with longer exposures and more data. I have processed them to be subtle with the colours as that suits my sensibilities a little more. I know I still have a long way to go but for my first ever DSO, I am quite encouraged. Let me know your thoughts!
  6. I agree with all of the above - being a fellow Bracknell based observer, I continue to be frustrated with the sheer number of streetlights that seem to be blumming everywhere! When I decided to get my ED80 I also made the desicion that I would need to shuffle off to a drksite to get get any value out of it. I am in Quelm Park whisch is particularly bad. Where in Bracknell is everyone? there seem to be a few of us very close by
  7. Hi all, I have just aquired a new SW 80ED to serve as my main imaging scope to go along with my current 200P observing scope. I am looking at the options for mounting the 80ED on the 200P and was wondering how this is commonly done? So far it seems to me that the options are either to buy a longer Dovetail bar for the 80Ed than the one it came with and then mounting the bar across the top of the 200P with the 80ED attached or to side by side mount the 2 scopes. I favour the former. What hardware would I need and has anyone out there taken some pictures of a similar setup so that I can wrap my head around the mechanics of what is involved? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey guys, A quick question, I have just upgraded my EQ5 with the Synscan upgrade kit and have hit a little snag. I guess like many of us my primary observing site is my back yard, on my patio infact, near the rear of my house. I have a South facing garden which means my observable field is West, South and East, as well as directly above. Due to the house I cannot see NE, N, NW. When I polar aligned my scope I did it from the bottom of my garden and then just moved the scope up to the patio. My assumption being that 45ft would not make a whole lot of difference in the grand scheme of things. However when I try to 2 or 3 star align my mount, it tries to send me to stars I cannot see (as the house is on the way) the bottom of the garden is not really an acceptable site as it is grass and very uneven (i will trip) Any suggestions? I can't imagine I am alone in this issue...
  9. I love mine, as others have said its at it's best when you are using the reticules to measure and hop your way to a specific target. Otherwise I guess a dot finder would do the trick. I have also dealt with Green Witch - they were very impressive. Quick delivery and helpful. I got one of their scope covers for my 200p and its great!
  10. I started out with the 200P EQ5 Bundle a few months ago. For £400 you absolutely cannot go wrong. I agree completely with your comments about not going motorised, or looking at Goto to begin with. This was my point of view when I started. HOWEVER I have just upgraded my Scope with the Goto kit. While finding things is easy (with some help and patience, I did struggle at first but people on here helped me out) I wanted the tracking ability, rather than the finding ability. One thing I will say is if you are getting a new scope, get either a Telrad or a red dot finder. I found tracking down objects manually without my Telrad painful to the point of frustration. As soon as I got the Telrad my observing changed completely and went from 90% frustration, 10% amazement to almost all amazement at what I was seeing.
  11. I have just recieved my upgrade - will be using my SW200P for visual and have a nice shiney SW 80mm refractor on the way for imaging. Huge thanks for the step by step guide JNC - you have turned what could have been a very frustrating few hours into a quick 30 min job. Awesome work. Now off to Maplins to get a power tank!
  12. New to Winter Astronomy but my Snow hiking boots of choice are North Face ChillKats. Rated down to -25 and have a toughened platicised toe and lower so they are great in boggy terrain. Coupled with a good pair of thermal socks, I have yet to find anything better - this includes January adventures in Vermont! if you shop around on the web you can find them for @£50.
  13. Hi Michael, It was a 100 sec capture at 10 frames a second, according to Registax the top 905 went into the Jupiter pics, I have the setting quite high (or low depending on your point of view) What you you reccomend a longer capture to give me more quality frames and then tighter on the % quality of the frames I use?
  14. Hi Guys, Had my first session attepting to do some imaging last night. Modded SPC900, SW200P EQ5, Manually guided. I focussed on a couple of very obvious objects. Jupiter first off - not great seeing last night as i live in surburban Berkshire and the moon was very close to Jupiter last night. Image is proceesed and stacked using Registax 6 and GIMP. Not a bad effort but the overall image quality is low. Maybe a focussing issue? Was pleased to get Io in the image casting a lovely shadow onto the surface. Secondly I went for the moon, but rather than go for the whole disc (which I couldn't anway, I guess I need a focal reducer!) I made Tycho my main subject. Quite happy with this as a first attempt. i need to work on my processing thought to get it more contrasty. Again not brilliant but sertainly getting there. i am quite encouraged. K3CCD tools was easy to use, Registax needs some work but overall for poor seeing i am happy. I would welcome any feedback, mainly on how I can get the image sharper - some of the images i see on the forums, admittedly with far superior CCD's are a lot sharper, maybe i need to look at a better focusser?
  15. I have one of these. What you need is this little fella. It should be floating around in the boxes somewhere - mine was in a smaller box in the main Scope box. The 'Fat' end goes into the focusser on the scope and the eyepeices go into the other end and are held in place by the 2 silver grub screws you can see. If you don't have one of these you should get in touch with whoever you got the scope from, there may be a bit missing!! Hope this helps.
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