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  1. ¡Buen español Nick! ¿De donde eres? Originally from England, but now live in the Limousin region of central France....... Encantado de conocerle, le deseo cielos despejados!
  2. Rodolfo Bienvenido, espero que su tiempo con este foro te lleva muchas horas de ayuda, y que podemos conocer algunas de las maravillosas vistas del cielo austral. Nick........
  3. Sorry guy's and gal's, but do we have some AWESOME Imaging and processing talent on SGL, or WHAT!!!!!!!!! Watching people like Yfronto, CW, and LostNSpace, to name but a few, turn an Image that would have me smiling for weeks, into a real belter, that would have me knocking on the door to the Editor's of certain magazines!!!!!!!! First class work from you all...... Hope that your guidance for my step into this side of Astronomy, doesn't grate with you too much! 'Cos I'm gonna need it!!! I am Humble in the company of the Great............ :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: Nick.......
  4. aries

    Hi All,

    Hi Tony, and welcome to the good ship SGL............
  5. Im going to hazard a guess at possible heat radiation from buildings near you cooling down as the night draws further in, and this could cause Arcturus to seem wavy and mis-shaped, do you think?
  6. If you look closely at the first picture on the left, I'm sure there is signs of life. Right click, and zoom in, is he waving? (click to enlarge) Sorry, couldn't resist it!!!!!!!! where's my coat? But on a serious note, the news is FANTASTIC! :shock:
  7. Must have been away longer than I thought, What happened to the 8"?
  8. I'm well impressed! A great Atmosphere to it........... I'm sure CW will be along in a bit, and have a 'ickle play, then hold on to your hat!!!!!!!!!!
  9. So where's the Cannon then, AB?
  10. Sorry Carol, but I found it! Delta Pavonis. 8)
  11. Just hope they don't think the same about you, eh?
  12. Now that's so Cool!!!!!!!!!!!! 8) Text-Book Docking! Could watch this all day!!!
  13. How cool is that! The Commander is going to wait to dock for about 7 mins so that docking will be 2 mins after orbital sunrise!!!!!!!!!!! How thoughtful!!!!! I wanna have a go!!!!!!! :shock:
  14. Heads up! 18.00hrs for the Rendezvous Pitch Manoeuvre ( RPM ) Live on Nasa TV!!! http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html Then the docking will be about an hour after that!!!
  15. How does " Not a blumming chance " sound?
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