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  1. Nathan_Pembs


    Excellent stuff yet again What are you using to create the animated time lapse once you've taken all your exposures? (How many do you take?)
  2. Nathan_Pembs

    The Lyrids are coming

    Best one for me was more like a fireball in the Bootes area, heading down towards the horizon. Bright green, was slow moving, more a trickle than a streak if light. Seemed to break up too
  3. Nathan_Pembs

    The Lyrids are coming

    Roll on the Perseids, will probably be cloudt
  4. Nathan_Pembs

    Seen many Lyrids?

    I agree, very clear here too, best I've seen for a long time. Shame we spent it waiting for a poor show
  5. Nathan_Pembs

    Seen many Lyrids?

    Bright green fireball in the south just now, heading down towards the horizon. Totally different direction to what I'd expect
  6. Nathan_Pembs

    The Lyrids are coming

    Been poor so far, only 2 in past hour or so
  7. Nathan_Pembs

    Seen many Lyrids?

    Was out for an hour last night, spotted a couple. Very bright one around 11:30pm
  8. Nathan_Pembs

    The Lyrids are coming

    Spotted a couple last night, very bright one around 11:30pm. Forecast looks good for tonight here
  9. Nathan_Pembs

    M13 Hercules Cluster

    Short imaging session last night, qhy5 and PHD out of action so short subs. 12 x 45s lights 12 x darks 20 x bias
  10. Nathan_Pembs

    PhD semaphore error

    I've downloaded more up to date Ascom drivers and it hasn't happened again since (touch wood). If it does, I'll get a shorter USB cable
  11. Nathan_Pembs

    PhD semaphore error

    I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this So I could have my laptop indoors while I do my imaging, I bought a 5m usb extension to use with my qyh5 and PhD. However every time I connect to phd I get a box saying "error 131 semaphore signal timed out", but I don't get the error when I use the supplied shorter usb cable. Is this error appearing because the usb extension needs to be an active one?
  12. Nathan_Pembs

    My Dream Kit Realized

    Glad it's not just me, I thought we'd seen all this "new" gear before lol
  13. Nathan_Pembs

    M27 Dumbell Nebula, Vulpecula

    Another excellent image LJ, seems like you've been spoilt with plenty of clear skies lately?
  14. Nathan_Pembs

    M101 Pinwheel

    Thank you Bryan Hoping to get out again soon, forecast is saying Tuesday/Wednesday if it holds up
  15. Nathan_Pembs

    retaining colours in the stars

    My stars turn out all white also, I've heard lowering the ISO will help as mentioned above. Been using 800 lately, so will drop to 400 next time I'm out imaging

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