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  1. Im near the point of purchasing too, so looks like bad weather for quite a bit then.
  2. Just ordered my copy today. Need to keep learning as I know very little at the moment, so am looking forward to getting my hands on it and start learning.
  3. Always been interested in anything like this, wondered about it a few years ago and never did anything. Then again couple years ago and still nothing. Then last year while in Turkey I looked through a guys telescope at a 'star' and was presented with Saturn and its rings, and it just blew my mind, Id seen it countless times in pictures and tv but to see it with my actual eye just was just amazing and it changed me and made me want to see what was going on out there.
  4. Welcome mate, its all new to me, slowly learning and am in the market for a scope, and to get in to astrophotography. Im in Llandudno.
  5. Not quite Wrexham, Im in Llandudno. All new to me this. Im thinking the summit of the Gt Orme could be a good site as theres a car park at the top and its dark. Will continue to see what you guys do. Ben
  6. Great picture, Id be made up with that if Id taken it. Ive not started yet, but will be happy if I get something like that.
  7. I haven't seen it with my own scope yet, but I saw it through a telescope while in Turkey and it blew my mind, can't wait to get my scope to view with my own equipment
  8. Hi guys I'm back! Bigger and stronger ) change of job etc put me back a bit, but here I am. I've been looking at the Skywatcher skyliner 200p, thoughts? Really want to try the photography too, can I fit my Nikon D5000 to it? Thanks guys
  9. Thanks again everyone. Yeah I notice the weather is different over in Llanberis, we come over on the motorbikes that way and the weather can be totally different to what we left in Llandudno. Yeah, I find that anything I get in to ends up costing a lot of money, nothings cheap to get in to anymore. Prefer to do things like this, than spend it on beer.
  10. Wow, what a welcome, thanks everyone. I am in Llandudno. Thanks for the advice so far. Yeah the 2nd hand market did cross my mind, and as people that buy this sort of equipment, and due to cost its usually looked after very well, so it is worth considering. I am usually self taught with everything I learn, like photography etc, was quite a big mine field when I started looking in to this, but the same kind of name/make telescopes keep coming up, so they do look like the direction to look in (pun not intended). I will keep reading, and asking the questions that get asked all the time, and let you know where I am up to with it all. Thanks again guys. Ben
  11. Hi everyone, found this forum by searching for telescopes on the interweb, so thought that I would join up to meet similar interested people and get valuable advice. I am looking for a decent telescope to get great views of the planets, especially the moon, fasincated by the moon, but I am a keen photographer, so would like to combine the two and have a telescope that I can attach my Nikon dslr to, to take some nice shots. Any help greatly appreciated. I am looking at spending up to £300. Thanks, Ben
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