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  1. Andy, I had a pretty similar wish list when I decided a few weeks ago that it was time to get back in to astronomy. I initially thought the 70mm starwave was the way to go but I eventually settled on a SW Equinox 80ED that came up for sale second hand. The case is well within even most restrictive airline hand luggage dimensions and will fit the scope, 2" diagonal and 3x 2" EPs comfortably inside. The biggest sticking point was the mount and eventually I settled on an AZ4. I plan to take the AZ4 head in the hand luggage and just have the ali tripod in the hold bags so it doesn't add too much
  2. Robin, thanks, much appreciated. I read your page on EPs which was very helpful. Nicos, good call yes, although I used to own one a few years ago and used it with my TV85 and later with a Megrez 90 and I loved it! I got on with it fine, so assuming my eyes are still ok I'm hoping it should work. Right then, credit card coming out....
  3. Thanks Dave, that's appereciated. In answer to your questions, the scope is purely for visual grab and go, definitely no imaging. I travel abroad a lot so plan to take it to clear, dark skies as much as possible. As far as targets go, pretty much everything, although I'm very aware that 80mm is going to be a little limiting on faint DSOs. I did think earlier I may swap the SW 35mm Aero for a Maxvision 34mm but to be honest they seem pretty close in price and performance so either would probably suit.
  4. Any update on this Michael, I'm very tempted by the WO unit myself so interested in your thoughts.
  5. I recently started a thread on using a binoviewer with my newly acquired Skywatcher Equinox 80ED. Although that remains an ambition of mine, I've shelved the idea for now in favour of building up a set of EPs that I can use in normal cyclops mode for the time being. I'm starting from scratch as I sold all of my astro gear some years ago when family and job commitments got too much. I've done a tonne of reading and have also been playing around with an eyepiece calculator and really I would love to have a check of my thoughts before I start spending, especially from owners of 80mm scopes like m
  6. After a while out the hobby, I've just acquired a SW Equinox 80 Apo for trips abroad and as a grab 'n' go scope I'd really like to try binoviewing as it's something I always wanted to try but never got round to. However, I can't find any reviews or posts to say whether the BV will achieve focus in the Equinox 80. Does anyone have any experiences before I order the BVs? Secondly, if the BV does achieve focus any recommendations on a second set of EPs to accompany the supplied 20mm pair? Many thanks.
  7. Sorry folks been ill over the last few days hence the no-show. Some interesting points made and all valid I think. My thoughts are: For the vast majority under UK skies, a TMB, Tak or AP would all be so similar in performance as not to make a difference. Waiting Lists: My circumstance is not the norm. I will get a large lump sum as part of my pension in 5 years time and part of that has been set aside for an AP scope. With a fairly large mortgage and a young family I can neither afford or justify such a scope, so the wait for me is a bonus, something to look forward to if you like. Skye at
  8. Yes indeed the wait is 8-9 years. A Tak or a TEC would be almost an equal but there are 2 problems. The first is that right now I'm not in a financial position to part with the money for that priced scope (and that second hand one would be at least $7000 - 15% over the RRP) and secondly I've always wanted an AP Seriously though, I went on the list as it's a dream (a realistic one as I will be able to purchase it as I've started saving now) but for now it's something wonderful to park and look forward to in a few years time when the kids are growing up more and I've changed careers! I especial
  9. I was tidying up my inbox today (don't ask) and found my email confirmation from Astro-Physics of joining the waiting list. I've signed up for an AP 130mm Grand Turismo Refractor as it breaks down for Air Travel and will most likely coincide with my 40th Birthday. Now it's only been just over 2 years though, so I'm not expecting anything for say at least another 6 years but is anyone else on the list? If so what for?
  10. I too got to see it for the first time last night in my 8" dob. In the 17t4 it looked pretty good but my wife was less than impressed... I saw a very faint central 'star' and the tail was a green smudge slightly elongated on one side. Not quite what I was expecting but very pleasing nonetheless
  11. Just a quick update, I've heard nothing from Helix at all I'm looking into the Voyager and the Microstar now as the only viable mounts for my needs.
  12. No reply as yet! I even sent him a pm on Cloudynights in case the email went to his spam folder I'll keep waiting for now... Thanks for the link - very useful. It gets a good write-up so I just need to find out the height of the tripd now when it's all folded up.
  13. Thanks Andy, all sounds good. I've dropped Tim an email and am waiting to hear back.
  14. Andy, thanks so much for your posts. I read your posts and pics on Cloudy Nights too and this could be a real possibilty. A few questions though if you don't mind? 1. Is the chap still producing them? I guess I'll have to email him? 2. Are you happy with the mount taking the 90mm Burgess? I'm assuming my megrez 90 will be a similar weight. 3. Any dramas with getting it shipped here like duty to pay? I do go to the US a bit on business if it was hassle! 4. What sort of tripod would I need? Thanks, Andrew
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