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  1. Hi all, Off to Peru on the 21st for 2 weeks. After 1 night in Lima we fly to Arequipa and then make a number of stops including Pisac and Ollantaytambo. We finish off at Cusco and Machu Picchu. I have seen that a couple of hotels have small observatories and the travel agent is finding out info on an observatory at Colca. Any members been to any observatories in Peru and able to give feedback ? Thanks, Gareth
  2. Hi, As far as focus is concerned I dont have a parfocal ring to focus an eye peice in roughly the same position as the webcam is focused. I did find previously that having the 32mm EP held just in the scope and focused is very close for the webcam. Still didn't help Sunday though. Bird
  3. Hi, BigBox...I know the feeling ... went through a few tutorials again last month... on my pc and altering settings and saving the profile on the netbook at the same time. Nice clear night and found Jupiter quickly through the camera. It was right at the top edge rather then centered as it was before swapping from the eypeice but still easy to get the image on the netbook. Sunday night do you think I could get an image ? Nope !! Talk about annoying. Bird
  4. Hi all, I'm also one of the no doubt many who turned off after 1 episode last year... actually before the first one finished. Only watched Mondays 2 programs so far due to time and thought it was a lot better. Even catered for the sea angler explaining tides . Didn't take too long over it but would rather have had that time spent on "live action" of the sky. Anyone know what beach the segment was filmed on ? Bird.
  5. LukeSW you had me worried that I may be loosing it and had the 26mm in at the time. Micheal you seem to back me up !! Anyway your both at a lower altitude than me as I'm on top of a hill therefore a bit closer so every object is going to look a bit bigger :) G.
  6. Hi, It was a Meade 32mm super Plossl in a Meade 105etx. I actually didnt bother scanning the area much just left it centered and reckon Atlas and Pleione were just out of view. They may have squeezed in if I moved the scope across a bit. Perhaps subconsciously I was telling myself I need a wide view scope like the Startravel 102 which I had been thinking about . G.
  7. Hi, It was bright in the scope but didn't catch sight of it with the naked eye. Just got the satellite plugin running on stellarium and it looks like it was more likely to be SL-16 rb. It must have been about 19-50 and thats the only one listed that flies through the area around Uranus. G. G.
  8. Hi, After aligning the scope and checking alignment on a couple of easy objects including jupiter all of which were slightly low in the field of view I thought I'd select Uranus. Just as I looked through the scope a bright streak went across the FOV. Looked on some ISS tracker websites and it seems that it could have been visible in the south last night. Anyone agree ? G.
  9. Hi, I had my first look at it through a scope last night but with a 32mm the FOV wasn't quite wide enough. G.
  10. Hi, I could just seperate them at around 8-20pm last night but didnt go higher than a 26mm in a Meade 105. Not as much sepration as Albireo which was a great sight as usual. G.
  11. Hi all, Another vote for 'The illustrated guide to astronomical wonders'... I was dissapointed with Nightwatch and I'd count it as an intro book rather than a guide as to what to view and when. G.
  12. Hi all, I bought the book "Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders: From Novice to Master Observer". There's a lot more in it than "Turn left at Orion" and for £20 posted on Amazon I think its worth the money. Lists and groups objects by constellation and then by visibilty/ease of viewing so plenty to work through. G.
  13. Oopps sorry PsychoBilly didnt think to ask. You have email... G.
  14. Morning, Firstly the lat/long were correct Tuesday and Pete I did read the ETX book... when i first had it so forgotten since then and again this week. Anyway I thought I'd update the #497 autostar (currently 43Eg, 2007) last night. Checked the Meade site and it looked like there had been one update since ... 5BE2 ('09). Installed the updater ver 5.9.3 and ran it. It correctly stated 43Eg as being installed, clicked to check web for updates and it 43Eg was listed as the current one !. Downloaded it anyway and went through checking settings ones installed. So out the garden around 7-20pm, realigned the FS and trained the drives. Went for easy align and Arcturus was chosen. Scope slewed and was a far way from it so selected another star rather than hunt around. Alkaid came up, stopped not far off, centered it and pressed enter. Next star was Mirphak (I think), pretty close, centered alignment successful. Thought I'd check it on either Deneb or Arcturus and which ever it was the scope ended up with it visible in the scope. Centered it and readjusted the FS. At last !! Still a bit too light but selecting a few objects from the "nights best" list gave a couple of clusters just in view with the 32mm EP but did have to search around a couple of times. Packed away soon after 8.30pm when the other half came back from teaching and had a celebratory can of Hobgoblin. Gareth
  15. Hi Greenkat, I did train the drives a few weeks ago and actually did it again last night. Think I'll give it a miss tonight and relax !! Spent some time on M Weasners site yesterday but thanks for the link. G.
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