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  1. i was out 10:30 till 12:00 must have seen around ten or so, plus the iss
  2. Did ISS past over tonight ,saw a bright light coming from west about 11pm
  3. hi,i also think i saw this last night, what i saw i thought was a iridium but it flared up 2 too 3 times.never seen them do this before,ive only seen them flair once
  4. cheers,hope to get get a few more when whether clears up
  5. hi, ive got a canon 1100d with a canon eos t ring and i want to attach it to a Baader Hyperion Clickstop Zoom 8-24mm Mark III to fit 1.25 .im a bit stuck because i think i need another piece but not sure what it is i need thanks
  6. hi all,i have a canon 1100d and would like to put it on my skywatcher evostar 102 but im a bit stuck on what i need i know my telescope comes with a direct SLR Camera Connection but not sure what else need,i also have a mark lll hyperion zoom 8=24 mm i would also like to attach any help would be greatful.thanks
  7. will they work good in a skywatcher evostar 102 (eq3)
  8. could any one suggest a good all in 1 eye piece to fit 1.25 only got £150 to spend thou.
  9. what would a hyperflex -8e eyepiece do wat my stanard ones eyepieces wont
  10. hi im new to this site i need a bit of help finding a new eyepiece , i have a skywatcher evostar 102 (eq3-2) with the standard super 25 wide angle long eye relief and the super 10mm eyepieces to fit 1.25,was thinking about getting the nirvana uwa 82 but i want to no is how will this be different to the ones i already have ive been wanting to see deep sky objects like gaxaxys and planets etc better but dont no what to buy could n e body help
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