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  1. I have a 250ml bottle of Ambersil IPA you can have , (unopened). Call it £5 inc postage. Just pm your details please
  2. Get the trial version of Maxim DL/CCD Try before you buy! We offer a fully functional, 30-day trial of MaxIm DL/CCD Version 4. http://www.cyanogen.com/downloads/maxim_main.htm You must of downloaded the trial of just Maxim DL , without ccd support
  3. Note: Comment removed (not appropraite for a public forum) Helen
  4. The first link posted was won with a buy it now for £30 Item number: 220196691035 Sold for: £30.00 Auction ended early with Buy It Now. Yet it seems the same scope is for sale from the same buyer ?? Odd
  5. I would just like to say that for a n00b like me , I have been overwhelmed with all the different possibilities there are when getting into imaging the heavens. I understand the importance of getting the right advice and not buying the first thing you see , no matter how nice it looks. After a number of nights trawling the 'net , browsing SGL and reading magazines , I plucked up the courage to actually pick up the telephone and chat with a guy called Bern (ModernAstronomy.com). I appreciate that all "us newcomers" dont quite have the same *grasp* of technical astronomy terms as all you "experts" and sometimes it can take quite a while to explain what we actually require / need . "Will this guy try and sell me something I dont need" ? ...... NO "Will this guy try and rip me off and confuse me with technical mumbo jumbo" ? ...... NO "Will this guy bother returning my emails about silly problems only a n00b can have" ? ...... YES "Will this guy go out of his way to help me find a solution" ? ...... YES Bern you are a star , you have put together a package for me that I am very pleased with (granted it wont be complete untill the ATIK EFW filter wheel is released , due to temperature problems) , and at a fantastic price ATIK 16IC-s Mono ATIK EFW motorised filter wheel Astronomik LRGB Type II filters Thanks for your help and looking forward to mor business with you in the future 10/10
  6. Yes , my neighbours love me for that . As for the Saturn V launch (post by supernova , above) , the simulated launch they have for that in the Satrun V Center at KSC in its own seperate building is "thunderous" indeed
  7. http://www.ealing.gov.uk/services/environment/pollution/light/ Legal solutions From 1 April 2006, light pollution was brought into the definition of a 'statutory nuisance', this is defined as "artificial light emitted from premises so as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance". It constitutes a statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (provision added by the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005).
  8. , well ripped footage off a NASA dvd of a Shuttle launch , uploaded to rapidshare is deemed not allowed by admin.
  9. Not quite men in black , I have PM'd you explaining
  10. I have a better vid of a Shuttle launch , but unfortunately have been asked not to post it
  11. Wonderfull image , well done :hello1: , your patience has trully paid off
  12. We're going to be in Florida over the targetted launch time of STS-123 on March 11 and hope to go see it. Did you get NASA launch tickets to go to the causeway, or do something else yourself? Any advice much appreciated! Trev On the Atlantis launch we got 2 VIP launch passes provided to friends and families of the crew (my girlfriends brother used to work at KSC and got them for us ) , but on the Columbia launch security was much tighter and we had to view from afar (although it was still a fantastic spectacle of sound and vision. You dont actually realise how loud it will be untill lift-off). Deffinately a moment to raise the hairs on the back of your neck and say WOW!
  13. A solution to your security light problem ..
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