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  1. I have an 8se. I'm very new too and have tried for hours to try to align my scope. I'm still struggling. But in relation to the 10mm eye piece, you need to use the focus *** on the back of the scope next the the visual back to bring it into focus.
  2. Thank you all for great advice. I think I need to purchase a dew filter. Last night was amazing. Clear sky. Looked like the heavens have finally opened. Trouble was that it was 1am by the time I managed to get to trying the scope and I was completely knackered. I aligned the red dot finder with the scope so hopefully I know what to do in that regard. Turn left at Orion? Is that the best book for beginners? Sunny weather today in Sutton coldfield so I'm sure that tonight I might get lucky. I've heard a lot about a Barlow lens. Do I need one? Can I build my own dew filter? Does anyone know to do this?
  3. Thank you all for the wonderful warm welcome and advice. How do you align the finder with the scope? I just thought that it slides on.
  4. Hello, I'm a newbie like you. Welcome to the forum.
  5. sheikhk

    Hello everyone!

    Hello Sky, what a fitting name for a star gazer lol. Anyways welcome. I only joined the forum myself yesterday so I'm very new to everything.
  6. Hello everyone, I just received my first telescope ever yesterday. It was a early birthday present from my wife. I chose a Celestron Nexstar 8SE with a free 10mm EP and a moon filter. I was at work all day, but the knowledge that my telescope was at home waiting for me made me very excited indeed and I couldn't wait to get home. I am a complete newbie to all of this. Growing up watching all the StarTrek episodes (original series, TNG, Voyager and a few DS9), I have always been absolutely fascinated by space. I recently watched Brian Cox and Wonders of the Universe and it really got me excited. I have spent a month watching youtube videos, reading so many articles and spending hours speaking to shop keepers about telescopes, I began thinking about the SkyWatcher 127 and ended up buying the Celestron Nexstar 8SE. I live in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. After spending an hour unwrapping all the bubble wrap and carefully putting my scope together, I was ready to take my first peek at the heavens. It was cloudy...everytime I tried to align my scope using the "skyAlign" feature, the clouds would quickly cover the star that I was looking at. I took my scope from the front of my house to the back garden several times in an attempt to catch a bright star. I spent 2 hours trying but in the end I thought to retreat. I went inside, had a cup of tea and thought of a plan. I decided that I would wait 2 hours and then try again. Hey presto! it worked, the sky was relatively clear, although it seemed to be drizzly weather and I was scared that my scope would get wet. Nevertheless, I braved it and started trying to align my scope. I tried 3 times but it kept on saying "Alignment Unsuccessful". In the end I chose to purchase an app on my iphone that identified what I was looking at. I realised that I was looking at "Vega". So I chose the one star alignment procedure and it worked. My scope was finally aligned. Happy Days! I put in the 25 mm eye piece and pointed it at Vega. I saw nothing in the display. At first I thought that the focus was out or that I had missed taking off some protection cap from the EP but I could see through the EP clearly when I used the light from my phone so why didn't it work. Was I going to be disappointed? Was my scope faulty? Was I doing something wrong? I rushed indoors to read the manual again in an attempt to rectify the situation. No joy. It spoke about collination in case the scope was knocked about a bit during transit. I thought at this stage that I should just wait till the morning to speak to the nice guys at Rother Valley, from whom I purchased my scope. I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up first thing to make the call. I spoke to Adam who advised that it was better to align using SkyAlign and the 3 star method. LOL. Great. I had to try again tonight. Hopefully I will have more success today. Thanks everyone for spending time reading through my post. Any suggestions or tips are most welcome. Regards, Khurrum
  7. I was advised that you need a centre pin positive regulated power supply with 1.5 amps current to power the 8se
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