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  1. I don't know how to prove the Jean's mass,the least mass of gas clouds that can be collapse into protostars.I know only the particles' velocity must be less than Gravitational potential.Could anyone help me?
  2. Photons can be seen about 300,000 years after the Big Bang.since the density of universe is lower while the free path of Photons is higher.
  3. No, high-energy particles and electromagnetic waves such as gamma will absorb by our atmosphere.
  4. how could faraway supernova kill us? if it can,i think it was a very very luminous star before.since the flux of radiation is luminosity/4pi(distance)^2.then,it must be either near or very luminous enough to kill us. i think :-)
  5. When the object is moving away will cause shifting.So you can compute its velocity from shifting,right? But why the objects those have the [emitted waveleght/rest waveleght] higher than 1 are faster than light? why? it's imposible!
  6. Hi.I'm new here.But I need to know how can I calculate the mass-ratio of spectroscopic binaries:)
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