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  1. Caution - I was installing a gun safe the other day and the supplied sleeve anchor bolts would not tighten up in the brick wall, in despairation I thought try some rapid set resin from Screwfix http://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-vinylester-resin-fast-curing-380ml/43085 and boy was it rapid only got one hole filled before the first mixing nozzel went solid, the second nozzel similar and it then started smoking. Should have gone for the standard type and save abit of money too.
  2. Many thanks for another great app for the Android tablet, just installed following the post above. May I suggest some useful tools I found which could be added to future version under the astrophotography section, I found a old PC program I found useful for expsoure times to experiment with DSLR and planet targets:- ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY EXPOSURE CALCULATOR Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999 Michael A. Covington This program calculates exposures for astronomical photographs. It runs under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT and will probably run under Windows 3.1 if Win32s is installed. Please feel free to use
  3. I just bought a Dell D630 for my observatory and installed another installation of AstroPlanner on this new laptop. On my older laptop (XP) I just copied all data/resource files from c:\documents and settings\application data and it worked fine. Now with the new lapton running Vista Business I did the same copied all these files to c:\Programe Data. On the web site it says to copy AstroPlanner.pref to the folder where the application lives. I am not able to see any of my resources I previously set, but I can see catalogues and photographs but using restore option. Does anybody have any experie
  4. I too are experience my first winter with a completed ROR observatory. I thought mine was well ventilated (obs built on raised decking with 1/2" gaps between decking boards) but the other week with 99% outside RH and peaking 85% RH inside the obs and my mount feeling damp to the touch, I am now reviewing what other measures to use. Considered natural forced air systems but not easy on a pent roof. May install a kitchen type mains extractor fan with built in humstat and timer.
  5. I am wondering what is the correct method to make AZ/ALT correction to PA using Alignmaster. Alignmaster determines the error and then offsets from a calibration star then asks you to correct AZ then ALT. When using a 12.5mm illuminated reticule eyepiece I can move the alignment star using one set of adjustment knobs, but cannot centralise it using only one set of adjustment screws. Question is do you use both AZ/ALT adjusters to centralise the star or are you meant to only use the AZ bolts for AZ and only the ALT adjusters for the AZ.
  6. Hi thanks for the reply, I think I tried that. I just want to keep it simple when you are out in the dark. Craig
  7. How have people configured their computers running APT, to handle when plugging in their Canon DSLR? I have got sick of EOS Utility starting up everytime I plugged in my camera and turning on, when I was wanting to run APT or BYE. I have now un-installed EOS Utility but I get Windows XP camera wizard pointing to word. I want to make APT my default programme when plug my camera in, is their any way to set this up?
  8. This is what I have tried doing but using CdC, but I get the same messages on the log window Any clue to what I may be doing wrong?
  9. Does anybody have any sample images which I test my AT installation? I tried one jpg from another forum but AT could not obtain a solution. It would be useful to have samples images and settings which are know to work so you play when the sky is not playing.
  10. I priced up some cut to length steel billets for making into 5kg weights and the raw material was more than the SW finished items. In the end I bought a set of 5kg weight lifting weights from Argos, but the hole is 1" and needs to be 18mm dia (why such a silly size SW), I found that a locknut off PVC conduit fitting could be pressed into the 1" hole and a new hole drill to suit the SW weight bar.
  11. Thanks for that feedback. I did email prior to placing my order and did not get a reply then (I assumed it was not not sent-the email section on his web site) but went ahead after reading the feedback from the others who answered my orginal post. Anyway not going to need a new camera having just closed the roof on my observatory again, fully clouded over after being blue all afternoon, such is life. Craig
  12. I ordered a 1100D cammera off his web site on Wednesday (21st August). Money transfer made via Paypal but I have not had any communications with Juan to date. What type of communications and how soon/frequency did you have with your orders? I assuming he may be on holiday!
  13. Hi thanks for the replies, interesting s/h camera on the MPB site but I would like to buy a modified camera Craig
  14. I have a Pentax K20D which I would like to keep for normal daytime photgraphy and there are no adaptors available for Skywatcher Coma Correctors/refractor reducers. I decided on a Canon 1100D but I have two questions:- a) what level of modification would be required bearing in mind I do not need a second daytime camera? of the three people modifying these cameras who doing the most business, who have other bought from?
  15. Yes I too was positioning the moving roof so that there was maximum amount gap to allow ventilation. I like the Whirlybird vent but look expensive in the Uk, $50 USA which translates in to £175 on Amazon Uk.
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