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  1. Taliesin

    SGL 10 Chatter :)

    I'll be there Fri PM...been down with a bad virus so hoping it clears!
  2. Hoping to bring my C11 with reducer and possibly SW 80ED PRO and EQ6
  3. Hi Sean, welcome to SGL...I remember my first view of Jupiter being a wow moment, not being able to take my eyes away from the eyepiece until the clouds rolled in...Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  4. Hi and welcome to SGL. It is a large scope as our fellow astronomers have said above. However if you have done your research and seen one and it's still what you wish to go for then all good See you around on here
  5. Hi Karl, welcome to SGL. You'll get a lot of help with buying your kit on here
  6. Taliesin

    Hello from Bath

    Hi Dave, welcome to SGL. Very nice scope you have there! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Welcome to SGL Chris...it is one of the best places to learn as I have found
  8. Hi Ciro, Welcome to the forum!
  9. @Toxolight @Charon @Bunnygod1 Thank you all!
  10. My C11, I dare not look through a bigger scope for fear of wanting to upgrade when I know I can't [emoji20]
  11. Hi Yasin, welcome to SGL. Haz in Birmingham
  12. @gingergeek - Thank you! @sooot - Oh dear yes Brum's light pollution is BAD! I live in the suburbs of Solihull and have a nice dark patch immediately above me but any angle less than 45 degrees and the glow hits you hard. I'm going to look at whats on next month and maybe visit one or two.
  13. @Mr Spock - Hi Michael - Hope you're well
  14. @sooot - Thanks Craig - Where abouts in Brum are you? Do you go to any of the local groups here? I don't want to take over the world...its too small....i want to take over the Universe - there's more interesting things out there than here hehe
  15. @Liquid360 - I'm so sorry for disappearing like that! Hope it didn't didn't get to the point of a search party being sent out - Promise to let you know if I disappear like that again...I hope not to take any more breaks @Pat - hope you are well!
  16. Thank you all for the warm welcome...it's just as I remembered it! @Serius Starwatcher - Now that would be a great road for me to live in luckily the kit isn't too dusty as I used to take it out and wipe it all down etc and just bought some new kit very recently and then upgraded immediately after that lol think I already have the bug!
  17. Taliesin

    Hi Folks

    Welcome to SGL Bob!
  18. Hi All, Thought I would reintroduce myself. I've been a member for a few years but have not been very active in the astronomy world the last 2 years due to various reasons (work, family etc).and my kit has been stored away. Looking to get back into observing and imaging again. Will also look to join one of the local astronomy societies as well For now it's a Hi and looking forward to take active part in the forums.
  19. Taliesin

    Astroboot at SGL9

    I do have a few things to sell after making a few changes to my kit, I tend to buy first then sell my old kit lol I have the following, some of which I will only bring if there is interest beforehand due to the amount of kit and small sized car lol # Skywatcher HEQ5 Synscan with handset, hitec astro eqdir module, cigarette lighter power cable, tray - mount in excellent condition # Skywatcher 200p (black livery and white with 1.25" & 2" adapters, 9x50 finderscope, caps, mirror excellent condition # William Optics Magrez 70 Semi APO white and gold with black focuser, excellent condition # Coronado CEMAX 12mm, 25mm and 2X Barlow # Moon Filter # Baader Fine Tuning Rings (14mm and 28mm) # Bushnell Erecting Prism, fairly heavy and good quality # Opticstar PL-130C planetary camera Happy to give more information on this on request.
  20. Hiya Mr Flibble, really appreciate that! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. Hi All, OK, I can now officially get excited (better late than never hey?) up till now I didn't know whether I was going to be able to make it as dads been in hospital again (same reason I booked but didn't make last year!!). However he is on the mend so will be coming down. I'll be arriving on Thur morning and so looking forward it it! I'll have a 4 man tent I'll be trying to get up alone so any help would be greatly appreciated! Reddoss and Mr Flibble, I'll be your neighbour See you all Thu. Haz
  22. RIP Sir Patrick...an inspiration to many and a contributor to the hobby we love so passionately! Here's to Sir Patrick
  23. Thank you for all your advice... Tinker1947, I would love to keep them all but would like to expand in imaging though do some visual as well....if funds allow at a later date I will replenish my set again...lol it's all about juggling and being nice to the other half lol Keith, I have heard that the zooms are very good but that they aren't as good as the fixed focal lengths so want to try and keep some of them Steve, for me I feel your suggestion is personally the best for me. I've just checked out the combinations with the tuning rings (I have both 14mm and 28mm) so have decided to sell the 10mm (which the list doesn't seem to show as being able to use with the rings), the 21mm and the 13mm. The 8mm allows down to 4.3 which is the max for my scopes anyway. The 17mm as you said covers 13mm,10.8mm and 9.2mm) and the 24 for the widefield. Thank you for your advise on these!
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