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  1. Hi, all was a really nice night last night and saw it was clear so thought I may as well grab the chance to get some good views while the weather rolls back in. Got my scope set up nicely in my back garden (6") dobsonian and got my handy sky and telescope pocket atlas out. I then let the scope cool for a good 30-40 minutes and started firstly by looking straight for Jupiter WOW! firstly used my 25mm eyepiece to locate and could easily pick out 3-4 bands on the planets surface, i then popped in the 10mm and again focused even more wow straight away notice 3 prominent bands the two large and one quite thin belt just above the other. Was the best ive ever seen jupiter. I also spotted the great red spot for the first time and was great. I then used my 2x barlow and tried at 200x again very nice showing the 3 belts and a really faint one too aswell as some cloudy/milky like texture to the surface! Awsome! The main reason i put this post on was to see if i found the crab nebula/M1. I started off at taurus and followed it along where its almost like a fork to the end star. I then put my scope on just to look to see basically but moved the scope around and noticed a very very very faint object with the 25mm. i then looked in my book and found that it could or was the crab nebula, great moment really that i had found it but to be truthful it wasnt much really to look at using averted vision it looked almost like a slightly grey rugby ball shape, incredibly faint almost like the sky had become slightly 3d in that part. I then put the 10mm in and it was much bigger and a bit more prominent but no structure to it almost like a very faint cloud. Still i was very amazed and releived that i had found it realy by accident. just wondering if it is the crab nebula and really if this is what it looks like, i wasnt expecting much and I am very happy i found it but it was really really faint. I was wondering if there was any possibility buying say a 25mm 2" eyepiece and filters would enhance my viewing of dso's. I would really like a couple of 2" eyepieces but am unsure of the differences. Thanks all, happy observing Tyler_jrb
  2. Great news it went well. good luck with your recovery! Enjoy your new scope
  3. Hi, I also suffer with many things which annoy me when im star gazing through my scope. I have floaters which can be annoying when looking at the moon. I also have blue entroptic phenomenon which again is millions of tiny lights going around vision when looking at a blue sky or bright object especially the moon. I also have visual snow which is basically seeing static like on a tv but it is made worse at night time. And i also have halos and starbursts due to me having astagmatism and larger than usual pupils at night. these give me starburst effect on stars and also with a halo around venus and or other bright objects. Really quite annoying but i have had them for the past 2 years and I am only 17 years old. Theres nothing I can do about any of them. I suppose i am just used to it and i still enjoy using my scope very much. The only good thing is my eyes are 20:20 so i guess thats why it doesnt bother me too much. I hope your eye operation goes well
  4. That may be why when i could find the scope it was around £300 to deliver. I think i will go with the larger version of my scope skywatcher 250px, as a 10" is on my limit of being able to move it up and down stairs easily. Thankyou for you help, much appreciated . Tyler
  5. Welcome to SGL Buzz. Great deal you got on your scope by the way they are normally alot more. Good scope. I would suggest you buying either a skywatcher 2x barlow or going for a GSO/Revelation super plossl 1.5+2x barlow or just the normal 2x barlow. With the 1.5x and 2x it gives you two kinds of mag so offers you a little more at night if some objects appear to large in view.
  6. Max thankyou for the reply, it was mainly seeming that there was too much tension in the focuser plate. Ive contacted first light optics, my warranty just ran out but even though they have contacted the supplier and are very happy to send me a brand new focuser which i am so very happy with. Wont be able to use it for a couple of days as i need to send the old focuser in but its great i can get another. Once again much appreciated . Thanks, tyler.
  7. Hi, ive been shimming my focuser today to get it central in the tube and well ive had some problems with it for the past few months with the focuser being rough and having a small gap on one side, it wont sit straight in the focuser tube. I have taken the pinion, 4 screws and small metal plate off and with only just noticing there is no gap anymore it sits much better, of course until i put it back together again, I was just wondering if I maybe didn't put it back together correctly last time and if the small metal plate is supposed to be the way it is. I have added some photos the first is of the metal plate itself i believe its keeps tension on the rack and pinion mechanism but it just seems too much of an angle on it as ive seen photos of other similar focusers and they have been at 90 degrees. i can also only tighten the four screws a small amount until its far too tight and rough. I am also wondering if i am putting the plate in the right place and the right way round. Another problem is that the rack and pinion is very rough almost bumpy racking up and down, i thought this way to do with the damaged pinion but i have replaced that with a new one and it is still the same, the pinion looks fine and all teeth are straight, its the same with the rack that all looks to be fine. the second picture is the way i think the plate goes in, it also has my damaged pinion in it as i haven't greased the other up yet. any help appreciated. Thanks, Tyler.b
  8. constant rubbish weather

  9. i have tried them but the scope I am looking for is the orion skyquest xt10 classic dobsonian. http://www.amazon.com/Orion-SkyQuest-Classic-Dobsonian-Telescope/dp/B001DJ4FEE much appreciated though . thankyou
  10. I'm going to be buying a new telescope in the next few months and really I have a lot of decision time to make my mind up on the scope I am going to get. I want another dobsonian but a little larger, upgrading my 6" scope to a 10" dobsonian. I currently have a skywatcher skyliner 150p dobsonian and really the only scope being 10" and a dobsonian deliverable in the UK is the 10" version of my scope. I'm after something a little different and have been looking around and have found a scope which i just love the look of, The Orion skyquest xt10. but the disappointing thing is I have looked on many different websites and cannot find anywhere that delivers the xt10 to the uk. I did find a website which delivered it but again disapointment as the shipping was $500 to deliver to the uk. So I came to ask does anyone know of any websites where I can buy an orion skyquest xt10 from? I just love the look of the scope especially because of the colour and the shape of the scope and mount. But if not I still love the skywatcher 250px I will get and ill be sure to get the best use out of it. Thanks, tyler b.
  11. hi ive been doing colimation on my scope today and for some reason when I get the secondary nicely centred and into a perfect cirle when looking through a cheshire. then checking the secondary mirror itself it is very tilted. around 4mm gap on one side and around 7-8mm on the other side of the secondary mount. Its very annoying as I have tried everything and followed several guides to try sort the problem. I have centred the secondary by re-doing the spider veins. I have adjusted the focuser as this is also off. Imagine a horizontal scope then the focuser seems to be pointing to much towards the floor. Ive tried ajusting the screws on the focuser but that doesn't do a lot and looking at the focuser it has a small gap on one side and will not rack in all the way. Looking through the eyepiece holder towards the secondary although it is central and is a perfect circle, you can see that the mount is tilted, again imagine a horizontal scope then looking down the eyepiece holder/cheshire, it is tilted towards the floor. as shown in pictures. if anyone has any ideas on how to fix the exessive tilting and the problem with the focuser please let me know. thanks, tyler.b.
  12. I would just like to add the focuser is pointing too far towards the floor e.g if the scope was horizontal. not too far towards the primary. i think making the secondary move more towards the primary will only make it worse because i have centered the secondary in the cheshire with as close to a circle as possible. The secondary is in the centre of the scope i have adjusted the spider viens to ensure this its just when the scope is horizontal because the focuser is pointing too far towards the floor it is tilted towards the floor also, e.g. if you look through the focuser tube you can see the secodary housing tilted down. surely if i were to push it anymore down towards the primary it would not be centeral in the cheshire
  13. Have been trying to collimate my scope (skywatcher 150p dobsonian) for the past two days now and i have tried everything. The focuser on my scope for some reason doesn't sit square in its holder and is pointing too far down. There is a small gap of a few mm on one side of the focuser and it wont rack all the way in. Ive tried everything, adjusting the spider veins, adjusting the screws which adjust a small plastic plate inside the focuser but it does only a small amount. When it does appear square with the secondary it has a huge gap and the focuser is too stiff and wont move. The other annoying thing is that because it is pointing too far down then the secondary is quite tilted to make it central and circular under the cheshire. one side of the mirror is around 4mm tilt and the other side is tilted 7-8mm down. when looking down the focuser tube you can clearly see the tilt. Does anyone have any idea how to square this focuser or does the secondary normally have that sort of tilt. I have never really noticed it untill now. Thanks, tyler.
  14. Hi, I have exactly the same problem with my dob 150p, i cannot get it to collimate well as the focuser isnt square for some reason. ive tried ajusting the spider veins etc. but the secondary and is very tilted because the focuser is pointing to far down and it is annoying me alot because I am going to be selling the scope in a few months time and I want it to be good for the next person to use.
  15. great report, I remember taking my 6" out for the first time and i was amazed by everything I saw and i too replaced my old 60mm refractor and the difference is astonishing. Cant wait for the fact I might save up for a 10" skywatcher and if so I cant wait to take that out. Hope the weather clears up.
  16. received an email and they can ship the ring to me for £10 with p+p which is a great price. I am currently thinking about buying a larger scope this year or the next possibly a skywatcher 250p(10"). I love my scope and want it to be as good as possible so this will do the trick. when i come to sell it if decide to buy a bigger scope it will be perfect for the next person to use as i take very good care of it. Thanks again all, tyler.
  17. Just thought id quickly ask. When the weather finally clear's up what should I try to see. Through my scope ive mainly been looking at the planets when the weather was fine but ive only managed to look at a few deep space objects. Mainly the orion nebula, pleiades, double cluster near cassiopeia and a few others. All of these blew me away and I just really want to try see more, especially the andromeda galaxy or the whirlpool galaxy. I know they may appear as a cloudy blob but for me it will be my first galaxy and to actually look at one for the first time would be great. Ive tried a few times to look for the whirlpool galaxy but i couldnt find it, and the times ive tried for the andromeda galaxy it was much too low behind trees in my garden. So basically i just want some recommendation on dso's to look at when the weather clears up. Mainly some easy galaxy's, clusters, double stars, nebula. That should be acheiveable with my skywatcher 150p(6"). and some that may require a challenge but that are a must see and atleast worth a try. the skies around me are pretty clear as i live in a village but there is some light pollution in the north due to a large town about 50miles away. Thanks all, tyler.b.
  18. just wondering does saturn get any higer. I live in the north and its still pretty low. would be nice if it does.
  19. I would suggest a dobsonian if its just for main use i.e not for imaging. I currently own a 150p(6") dobsonian and i love it, currently given me awsome views of planets and dso's. for a little more you could look at the 200p(8") skywatcher dobsonian which will give a little more quality.
  20. hey thanks brian, it might be something i would consider if optical vision cant stock it. The ring is slightly bent upwards also which i think is adding to the problem. I'm going to wait for them to get back to me and if they can ship it to me at not to much cost id rather do that but if they cannot i might give it a try. Tyler.
  21. sigh of releif. Thanks steve. it was just annoying me slightly because I thought it may have had some affect on performance. Although using the scope has given me awsome views and is much better than my old one.Upon looking again i notice that the primarly doesn't fit fully in the secondary so as you say it is oversize. Put my mind at rest, thanks again steve .
  22. looking at my scope again and realised it is out of collimation slightly, bad weather and it gave me something to do. Upon taking the collimator out and looking at the secondary i noticed an imperfection allmost like a flat on one of the sides(at the bottom left spider vein in the picture), I dont think its supposed to be like this but then again it may be. Just wondering if anyone knew why its there and if it is supposed to be. Ive used it many times and when de-focusing on a star it is perfectly circular and there doesnt seem to be a flat edge on anything. Ive attached a picture for you to look at, i took it by taking a picture down the tube at the secondary. the flat part is at the bottom left. Thanks everyone, tyler.b
  23. i remember the first ever time i saw saturn. it was last week . although it was low i could make out detail but not the cassini division. Im sure i woke my parents with the wow from me haha. awsome sight.
  24. if you could stretch it to £1350. If i had the money this is the first thing i would buy =/. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/advanced-series-goto/celestron-c925-sgt-xlt-goto.html
  25. Thanks all from your replies, much appreciated. I have had an email from optical vision, they say that they do not stock the part but they can order the part for me. Just waiting for a reply on how to order and the price. Thanks again, tyler
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