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  1. There's a guy in Greece I think that uses one. His images are amazing, maybe he's just been lucky.... Wp
  2. Get the baader visual and photographic set. Includes all you need.... hth Wp
  3. Lovely image, I'm so jealous!! I havn't even seen it yet nevermind point a camera at it!! Anyone know its orbital period? Is this the only chance we'll get to see it? Wp
  4. Good data doesn't need much processing as damian peach shows in his dvd. If your getting detail in the polar regions you must be doing something right! Great image... Wp
  5. Do they sell ones for the secondary (on a 200p) ? One of the allen keys is worn away and is unadjustable... Wp
  6. Was it last night? ******!! Clouded out here too. Don't you just love living in england? Wp
  7. You should have a distance of 55mm +/- 1 mm from the chip to the corrector so a few mm might not seem much but it really is that critical...glad your getting there though.. Wp
  8. Hi, Its not a bad image but i think it could do with a bit more "contrast". Had a tweak with curves in PS CS3. Hope you dont mind... Wp
  9. Yes its the "extra star" at about 6 o`clock.... Wp
  10. Tight stars, nice contrast, great image.... Wp
  11. I'm in the same boat....can't you add teflon pads to the focuser? Wp
  12. Sag in the focuser would be my guess, I'm having the same issues... Wp
  13. So much detail! Colour is stunning.... Wp
  14. Me, just! Well when I say just it is obvioius. Last night was superb! Wp
  15. My favorite galaxy of the autumn period and one I hope to do with my newt setup when the weather allows. Great image Franck! Wp
  16. Ok, A couple of things that helped me crack phd. Increase your guide calibration from the default (its 750 I think) to around 900. Increase your RA Hysteris to 50%. Make sure your polar alignment is very good, drift align if you can. Slightly offset the balance in RA to the east (it helps keeps the gears in mesh). I can guide my EQ6 and my 10" newt with a camera lens, so it can be done!!! Oh and check for backlash in your gears and adjust if needed. Hth Wp
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