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  1. Strange argument! You must have noticed the huge number of applications for turbine sites in S Wales, or maybe they don't extend down into Pembs? (I'm guessing you live down that way by your username?) Over the last 20-30 years those slag heaps and industrial sites have been landscaped and made scenic, even beautiful in places, but are now due to effectively be turned into industrial sites again because of wind turbines. And this time there will be no benefit to the local communities in terms of employment. From the highest point in Swansea - hardly a middle class eutopia - every piece of high ground has an application for turbines or already has them on it. Plus off shore applications. We will be ringed by them within a few years. Plus there's a nuclear power station just across the Bristol Channel. Wahey, the best of all worlds! And that may be the point - you can build turbines for years and they won't replace a single nuclear or conventional power station. So, my objections are that covering every hill in the UK still won't generate enough electricity and that the power companies get huge subsidies for building wind farms. Take away the subsidy and then' we'll find out genuinely how productive these things are. I wonder whether future generations will thanks us for covering our environment with concrete and metal while doing nothing to stop being so wasteful?
  2. Hobbies don't equal obsession? That makes no sense whatsoever!
  3. It's the same with any hobby that is reliant on certain conditions. Surfers feel guilty when they miss great surf. I felt guilty for not riding my mountain bike every day when the trails were dry and dusty. Forget the fact that I had a life other than riding, I needed to ride my bike to make up for 2 years of muddy, sloppy trails.....
  4. Isn't there an old saying, something like, 'If it looks like a lemon, it must be a lemon'? Oh, hold on, that's not helpful is it? Surely people are used to internet forums by now? Ask a technical question and there will always be a handful of replies from people who know nothing about the subject. I still don't understand what motivates these people but they're always there. The trick is to filter the rubbish out, of course.
  5. I tend to keep my main EPs in my jacket pocket, but of course at this time of year I don't tend to wear a jacket. The last few nights I've barely needed anything more than a long sleeved T-shirt. So that means my trouser pockets get overloaded with red light, normal torch, pencil, glasses (because they'll drop off the top of my head and I'll tread on them otherwise....), EP caps, and anything else that I don't want to lose in the dark. Maybe I should put some chewed toffee in there as well to hold everything together!
  6. I've rarely had dew problems with my dob but then it tends to be on hardstanding. Are peoples' dew problems coming from the mirrors or eyepieces? I've had far more occasions of EPs misting up...
  7. 26kg? That explains why I get knackered after storing it upstairs (with the rest of my kit over my shoulder!).
  8. Seems that quite a few of us saw meteors. Coincidence or is there a reason?
  9. I've never seen spiral arms in M31 with my 200mm dob. It's always a bright blob for me, regardless of LP or how dark the observing site.
  10. Sorry, I didn't realise you wanted it. You should have been more obvious and then I would have bought it for you!
  11. Surely it's designed so that I can poke the end out if the window and lie in bed observing?
  12. I'm across the water from you and found it rather warm as well but very little wind. I was in a sheltered position though. I also spotted a very bright meteor heading south from Cassiopeia shortly before 12. A beautiful ly clear night with some of the best detail I've observed this year. I even managed M30 - a new Messier for me -despite it being so low in the LP to my south. A good night!
  13. Lol about Cefn Bryn. That's the obvious place but is a little exposed to the road. I've stood on Llanmadoc Hill and viewed the Milky Way before now, but access is very poor. And the best views locally have been from the mountain above Felindre but that made me feel even more exposed than Cefn Bryn. A car pulled up a few hundred metres away and stayed there in the darkness for a while making me very nervous - I later found that they were flytipping! Swansea AS is having a star party at Lliw reservoir next month which should be a nice site.
  14. Yes, the 200 dob is a nice simple bit of kit. It gives me great views even with a fair amount of LP from the town centre. Halcyon, where in Swansea are you (roughly, if you don't mind me being nosey!)? I'm in Hafod with a fairly restricted FOV and still trying to fknd a decent dark site.
  15. I would guarantee that I'd fall off the ladder into the OTA and be trapped with my feet sticking out......
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