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  1. Kind of hard for me to really call my "1st light" 1st light because of all the tinkering I had to do. However my REAL 1st light was pretty amazing and in a way kind of disappointing. 1st I had a heck of a time finding anything. I dont have a telrad yet and when I looked through the eyepiece all I saw was a blizzard of stars. There is noway I could figure out which one I wanted to see. Finally hours later and with some help from stellarium I got Jupiter in my eyepiece. Wooo Hoo! So cool! I saw 4 moons and I think a 5th too but it was just a tiny spec. All this was using my 25mm then I s
  2. Here are a few pics of the almost finished scope. I still need to get some ebony star for the bearings and put a little weight on the top because it is a little bottom heavy. I also need to get a telrad and am waiting for my mirror to get back from the coaters. I really like how it came out! Dave
  3. Ok here is the mirror box. I need to still put the truss clamps on it. I have them made but need to sand them down and stain them. This stain isnt what I envisioned but I like it! Dave
  4. Oh before I sent the scope out I did get one picture of the moon with a cell phone on the uncoated mirror. I was so excited when I saw how nice it looked =). I cant wait! Dave
  5. I just thought I would give an update since it has been awhile. I know some people were interested in this telescope I am making. Right now I am waiting for the mirror to get coated and it wont be back to me for like 3-4 weeks. I have the scope mosty built and will be taking some pictures soon and posting them up of what I got going on. For now though I have plenty of time to finish it before the mirror gets back to me. So anyways I kinda of feel obligated to give something back to the forum since it helped me out. So I will be posting some pictures when I get back to the shop =) Dave
  6. I need 2 sheets also. I have to admit I was surprised it was so inexpensive. Dave
  7. It is just Baltic Birch from my local lumberyard. I paid $45 for a 4'X8' Sheet. Thanks, Dave
  8. Just thought I would stop by and give an update. Here is my "almost" finished secondary cage. Here is a better view of the focuser. A guy GAVE me that focuser for free and wouldnt even let me pay for shipping. It was a guy named Steve from the Cloudy nights forums that was following my progress and noticed I needed one. He sent me an email offering to give it to me. So sweet! I wanted a crayford so bad but couldnt afford it. Dave
  9. I dont know of anything like that but could you instead drill out the tripod holes and just slide a bolt in that only fits in the dovetail tight? Dave
  10. I finished the Cell. Here are a few pictures. Here it is assembled. Side view. Dave
  11. For those that want a turntable what I did was use my drill press and 2 pulleys. One was a 1" and the other was 8". I could set the RPM by the belts on the drill press it work good for me. Instructables is holding a contest for space related how-to guides. I put one up on there you might want to check out even vote for if you like it =). Like all the instructables on the site its not a complete guide but a good overview that can fill in the gaps where you might get stuck or give ideas on what route to take. Here is a link How to make your own telescope mirror Dave
  12. John I think thats great. If something like that were near me I would of definitely took advantage of it! Dave
  13. I know surprisingly PLOP says 6 point is better than 9! I ran this by a few guys and they said thats common and 6 point is generally better. Dave
  14. Yes John this will be my 1st telescope ever and I plan on making the whole thing. I decided against a few parts like the secondary mirror and focuser and eyepieces though haha they are just not worth doing. Here is a 3D model I made up of how it will look. I have already started on a few things like the Cell and secondary cage. I used a few programs to determine what my Cell and vertical support will be (ie. PLOP and a webpage from Nils) so thats different than in this picture I am going 6 point and no sling. Just 2 supports at 90deg. Dave
  15. Ok I have relentlously been working to get this mirror finished. I now am 99% sure I am done lol! Just an update and another thank you for the help. I wanted to make sure those who were following or helping out knew that I did complete the mirror. I will admit some of this is luck because I really didnt imagine it coming out this good. I took several tests and they are all consistant and here are the results. I changed the LED on my tester and its much brighter which makes my Ronchi images hard to see with a camera now but here is about -0.300 outside focus. Thank you, Dave
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