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  1. Thought Id let you know this in case a branch opens in your area. Today a new shop opened in Penzance called " The Works" seems a sort of remaindered book shop. Picked up a nice little book called Stars and Planets for £3.99. They also had a large hardback " Practical Skywatching" by D. Levy for £6.99. I didnt buy this one as it looked similar to one I have by Levy simply called " Skywatching" Anyway at these prices they look a good deal. Pete
  2. Pluto is there, classed as a " dwarf" Pete
  3. in todays " INDEPENDENT" there is a nice poster of the Solar System. It will look great on the wall. Thought I let you all know Pete
  4. very dense fog here tonight( West Cornwall) so no viewing, yet again Still I picked up an old 1964 book by Patrick Moore at a car boot earlier.Its called " TheSky at Night" and consists of essays re. his TV programme. Quite interesting to read thoughts on astronomy from 42 years ago. Anyway its some consolation. Once again I thought I would share some( probably useless) info. with you. Cheers, Pete
  5. Saw an ad. in my local paper and rang the chap who is selling this scope. Details are, BERTHEN 6" Newtonian, 150mm objective and 800mm focal length, he said it is German made. I have never heard of this brand and wondered if anyone else has? Pete
  6. Browsing around the net recently I came across a site offering advice re. buying binoculars. It said that any bins. with red coated lens were rubbish, and that " the best" colour should be blue . Must admit I have never heard that before. Anybody with experience of this? Pete
  7. cloudy here again, so no observing tonight. Had a browse around ebay and there are two items, both 5" refractors ( buy it now.) One is £275 and the other £500. Cant manage to send the link but what do you all think about these scopes. Any good or not. Best wishes, Pete
  8. HI Kain, I paid the grand sum 0f £1.50 for it so I reckon it was a good buy. Pete
  9. When you think about it most of the Solar System remains unexplored. The surface of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are a complete unknown.Most astronomers think that these planets have a solid centre so why no space probes? One can speculate forever but there is only one way to find out what is " down there", take a look. I dont mean to over simplifly but just think about it. Half the solar system is an unknown quantity. This lack of interest by NASA etc has always puzzled me. Anybody got a comment? Now I will sit back and await the more informed to tell me why this cant happen. Pete
  10. Thought I would browse around the local car boot today in the faint hope of picking up a book or two on astronomy---no luck, However I did find an old Brooke Bond card album called "Race into Space" of about 1970 vintage. It consisted of 50 cards detailing space exploration from Sputnik 1 onwards.Surprisingly it was 100% complete and the forward was by Patrick Moore. Thought I would share this piece of( dull?) information with you. Sorry there is nothing more exciting to report at the moment! Pete
  11. Hi 10x50, Endorse your comments 100%.On a general note re. buying scopes, I think that a lot of the problem is due to the fact that reviews of scopes are "spread all over the place". E.G buy (say) a hi-fi or camera mag and they carry a running review section that makes it a lot easier to clue up on the diifferent models. Astro. mags review equipment but if you missed that particular issue its gone for good in the main. Because of a lack of objective ( excuse the pun) reviews people ( understandably) ask for advice on the various sites and this advice can be contradictory and biased for or against equipment depending on the individuals " subjective" preference. I am not suggesting there is anything " wrong" in this, but, for example ask 20 people which is " the best " car and you can imagine the answers, Cheers, Pete
  12. Hi WH, I agree with your comments.Lots of demands on my wallet at the moment, car, holiday etc etc Must admit I have a preference for refractors altho. I have never used any other type of scope. I think the maintenance angle( collimation, re-coating of mirrors etc) could be a problem with a reflector for me., altho I realise that for bigger aperatures you can count the refractor out. Those 5" Phenix refractors seem a good buy----maybe when funds permit!! Cheers, Pete
  13. This p.m. I was in WH Smiths browsing the astro mags. One of them, S at N I think, gave a positive review on a Phenix 4" short tube refractor. Price with mount was, I think. £245. Thought I would mention this as Phenix scopes often appear on ebay and opinions on this brand seem to be quite " diverse" Pete
  14. Hi WH, I have owned the Skylux for awhile and have not had any problems with it. I admit Im no expert and its the only scope Ive owned. Jupiter has been a good target and the amount of detail on the moon is great. At the price, I paid £50 in Lidl, I dont think you can go far wrong. Their 10x50 bins at £10 were also a great buy, in my humble opinion. All the best, Pete.
  15. On the subject of ebay... Nothing to do with astronomy( but it could be) another word of warning. As a buyer I had problems recently and to cut a very long story short, 1. ebay is difficult to contact direct if you have a problem.They use what I call " system generated responses" to reply. Its nigh on impossible to communicate with a human being. 2. Bottom line----if things go wrong your on your own. MY opinion, if your only spending a few bob, no problem, but if your spending a lot of cash and dont know the seller be very careful. Pete
  16. Last night managed to get my first view of Jupiter and 4 moons with my Skylux. Must admit to being very impressed_ image was clear and the planet appeared to be a pale creamy colour. Could not see any banding tho, anyone know if this is possible with the Skylux? Pete
  17. Hi WH, My scope is the ever so humble Bresser Skylux. Its a 70mm.refractor. These normally sell for about £100 but Lidl ( cheapo supermarket) were selling them for £50 last December. They were also selling 10x50 bins for £9.99 and I bought a pair of these also. You can see that no expense has been spared when purchasing my gear!!! My thinking was will astronomy continue to interest me, how often will I be able to use it and if I spend a lot of money and then sell the scope will I end up losing hard earned cash. I thought better to dip my toe in the water and if all goes well I can get myself some better quality kit later on. Hope your keeping ok, you live in the colonies I understand!! Pete
  18. Thanks for all your replies, its nice to get some encouragement. Thought I would try again tonight, but guess what? Yes its cloudy.!! Still theres always tomorrow. On another topic, I saw an article in The Guardian a couple of days ago re. the chap who wrote "Turn left at Orion", Guy ??? and he is actualy a Papal Astronomer. He is a Jesuit and employed by the Pope.!!! No I am not joking. Like most people I guess I had no idea that the Vatican had its own astronomeers, 12 in total Thought I would just share that with you, Pete
  19. Altho I have owned the (in) famous Skylux since last December last night was the first chance that I had to use it. I have " restricted " viewing and managed to focus on the moon thru" the window...yes I know this is not recommended but viewing thru the side non-opening window was the only option. I used the 20mm ep and perhaps surprisingly( given the conditions) the moon appeared sharp and clear and to be honest I thought that the amount of detail on show was wonderful. I know that this anecdote is pretty mundane but they do say that you always remember the first time! Seriously I admit to being surprised at, in my humble opinion, how well this Lidl special performed. I look forward to some more clear nights. All the best to all of you. Pete
  20. HI Steve, problems with computer when I tried to send a link. However if on ebay you type in "refractor telescope" you will see it. Seller is Skys Unlimited" Let me know what you think, Pete
  21. HI Steve, As usual the forum is always entertaining!Read with interest about the "carp" scopes on ebay. Despite my built in caution some of them look attractive deals. For example I would appreciate any comments on the Phenix 127mm refractor which is often on ebay. Someone on S @N forum says he has experience of this one and thinks its rubbish. However the photos in the advert. of Jupiter and the Moon look pretty good. Aint life cpmplicated!! Pete
  22. Thanks to all of you who took time to reply, the people on this forum are terrific.With astigmatism you cant take your specs off to use ( focus) the scope. I think that the suggestion of using a barlow could well help as , I understand, you keep the fov for the " original" ep. Need now to look around for a Barlow when funds ( and the wife!) permit. Thanks once again, all advice greatly appreciated. Cant praise this site highly enough, youre a great bunch out there. Pete PS. As a novice I admit to being surprised as to how small ep aperatures are.!
  23. Hope Ive used the right forum. I suffer from astigmatism and wear specs, cant see a damn thing without them. I have a real problem using the more powerful eps ( refractor) as the aperature is so small. Find it very difficult to get a good viewing position if you know what I mean. Does anyone else have this problem and is there anything I can do to help resolve this. Thanks, Pete
  24. Well argued Martin. Taking into account the " essence" of your points, at the risk of seeming provocative, (dont mean to be ) why do some people feel it necessary to list all their gear every time they make a post to the forum? Seems a little pointless to me, but I guess mine is a minority view. Pete
  25. Gaz, thanks for reply. I am really just thinking ahead. Naturaly opinions are divided when it comes to scope preferences. Reading the various astro. sites often reminds me of letters and reviews in hi-fi mags.!! I think its really difficult to make an informed choice. What someone finds ok someone else is critical of it. Human nature I suppose. If I was in a position to buy now I would consider one of those Chinese refractors 5in Phenix. Seems a lot of aperature for the money even if not " perfect" Is there such a thing as a really "bad" scope being made today? Pete
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