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  1. I'm doing research this summer at my university which deals with light pollution. I'll try to explain as briefly as possible. We have two SBIG AllSky 340c cameras(CCD). We will take them and place at different points in and around town on different nights. They will run through the night to collect as much data as possible. We will take a trip to a region in our state that is known for the best dark nights and will have the cameras take those nights as well. In the end, the idea is to compare what the night-sky should look like and compare them to the "extra" light from all of our data from around town. I don't want to get into the details too much on how we will do this since that would require me to write a lot more. So I'll cut to the part where I need help: The file format these cameras output out is the standard FITS format. Now I want to create a batch process where I can point to a folder and one by one the FITS images there will be processed through and after the numerous steps will produce histograms.(Not the histograms that is standard in Photoshop or other imaging programs. Our histogram represents the actual "counts" from the array of pixels. If I'm not making myself clear please tell me.) The thing is that the cameras are a single shot color cameras, so the FITS files contain the color layers somewhere. I have proved this, because I used CCDOPS to extract the color channels and it works perfectly. But I would much rather use FITS Liberator since I'll be creating most of the batch process through the use of Photoshop's Actions and Scripts. The problem is when I open the same FITS file using FITS Liberator, in the "Image Data" section in the top right, it doesn't show that there are more "layers." Am I doing something wrong..? Or the only way to get the RGB channels is through another program like CCDOPS first and then open those through FITS Liberator..? I would really appreciate any help I can get... And if you need any more details, please ask.
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