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  1. The power supply is a Sky watcher 17 amp power tank, I've been doing a little searching around on the web and it seems that power is the most likely cause, this is a little frustrating as it was a beautiful night. I shall fiddle around with the connecters etc and see what happens. Thanks Johnny Edit: Been playing around with psu's etc all afternoon, I've tried the power tank (which had been damaged by the courrier so thought that may have been something to do with it) and now tried 3 separate direct 12v dc supplies from cigarette lighter sockets including a Landcruiser with tractor batteries in it and still getting the same fault. Sadly i have no mains 12v 2.5amp+ psu to try. I have read a bit on the web and from Johnnys' reply it seems this is quite a common problem. So the idea seems to be mains supply, so what about when I'd like to take the scope farther afield, I'll phone Celestron and ask them which generator they recommend. Slightly vexed now
  2. How do you know whales have limited intelligence, the brain of a Sperm Whale can weigh 20lbs you can pack a hell of a lot of stuff into that. Don't forget the ancestors of whales were the ones who went back into the sea. Contact by alien intelligence would not have to be by radio, or any other 'technological' form of communication, aliens could even now be talking to earths whales and dolphins.... Telepathy need not be contstrained by the limits of lights speed, it could be intstantaneous like changes of electron spin direction. If you are willing to accept the fact that there may well be other forms of life/sentience in this galaxy left alone the universe then why should one possiblity be less likely than the other.
  3. Thanks for the advice, it worked well up to a point now there seem to be a couple of other issues...... http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/147173-dec-motor-handset-problem.html#post1864708 All good fun though
  4. Firstlight with the new scope last night, after roughly polar aligning I started the alignment procedure with the first star as Dubhe the scope slews towards it in RA fine but there is no movement in Dec although there is no problem slewing in Dec with the handset. Also after entering the alignment star the handset goes back reading 'to begin alignment press enter' and asks for co-ords date/time' etc. After a few hours of this I ended up powering down, loosening the clutches and swinging it around manually, got some nice veiws of Saturn and moons. I knew there would be something like this as it the scope arrived yesterday and guess what ? Totally clear skies.... Thanks Anyone have any ideas ? The scope is a Celestron C11 on a CG-5 mount
  5. The new scope and tripod arrived this morning, I've done a quick indoor set up and all is well. I do have one fairly stupid question though as the manual says nothing about it. On the CG-5 GT mount do I have to accurately polar align and then set up the goto alignment from that or can I just point the tripod North and align the index marks and align from there ? I have fantastic views to the South East and West but cannot see polaris because of huge trees.... Thanks
  6. Is it possible to do a 3 star align instead of 4 ?
  7. Probably central europe around 200,000 years ago, when there weren't too many people around. Misanthropic ? Yeah
  8. Ok finally cracked and ordered a PST, I'll be mounting it on rings and rail for use with my other scope but can anyone recommend a good grab and go camera tripod ? preferably as cheap as possible as it's been a spend heavy month. Thanks
  9. Chiris, calm down man, there are far too many exclamation marks in your posts. Don't stress you'll get it sorted, probably
  10. Bean cans and string, the future is here, now, tonight. The only snag is finding a piece of string long enough.
  11. No it's down a lane called Bo Peep Lane off the A27 heading east. A27 turn first right after the Barley Mow pub. Google 'Bo Peep Lane Sussex' and one of the first hits will be a link to google maps. postcode BN26 6UH No streetlamps for about at least 2/3rds of a mile, very high 360° view from the car park.
  12. How about Bo Peeps Bostal, Bo Peep Lane ? Off the A27 about 10-15 mins outside Brighton. Great altitude and nice and quiet, good car park. East Sussex - Lunch at Bo-peep car park at top of Bostal Hill | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  13. Have fun with your new scope
  14. Seeing as there are a few guys who reside on France. Téléscope CPC800 Carbone 800 euros neuf Sports & Hobbies Yvelines - leboncoin.fr Not a bad price, could possibly get the Sky Scout thrown in... Just found this one too, no idea if it's a good price though. http://shop.ebay.fr/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p3984.m570.l1313&_nkw=Telementor&_sacat=See-All-Categories&LH_TitleDesc=0
  15. I shall check those out, thank you gentlemen.
  16. This is the one.. ScopiumCam CCD Planetary Imager [Lac-ScopiumCam] - £98.00 : 365Astronomy: Discovery for every day!
  17. Has anyone tried these ? I'm considering one as a budget planetary imager.
  18. Don't fret too much, it can be really frustrating at first, it'll all fall into place. At least this is what I'm telling myself. I'm getting my first polar mount in a week or so after years with a Meade goto, I downloaded the manual last night and am now giving myself a lot of stress.......still it's all better than sitting in front of the tv.
  19. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Skywatcher-Explorer-200P-EQ5-telescope-/260803770633?pt=UK_Photography_Telescopes&hash=item3cb91db909#ht_724wt_922 Not a bad bin price....
  20. Since January I've been thinking about a new scope, there has been very very little rain over here and one of the worst ski seasons in living memory and crops are failing because of the lack of precipitation. Yesterday I finally succumbed and bought a scope for delivery on Tuesday, about 3/4 of an hour after getting the confirmation email it started to rain, it is still raining
  21. There has to be a word for this sort of phenomenon, if not why not ? one should be made up. Anyway what scope did you plump for ?
  22. Et....viola One from this very forum http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-reviews/46378-revelation-eyepiece-set-99-a.html And one from Sky at Night http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/review/eye-pieces/revelation-photo-visual-eyepiece-and-filter-kit Edit: the kit has now been changed to a photo/visual kit incuding barlow and T mounts if I remember rightly.
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