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  1. Welcome to SLG dave :) It is the best place on the net for anything astro, with the best people.

    Don't be afraid to ask any questions, large or small, obvious or silly, we have all been there!

    I am going to Cornwall for the first time next week, gonna have a go at surfing so wish me luck! I will be camping, but am never without my binos :)

    hi adz. where is cornwall are you heading? is it for a holiday or business? im just outside newquay, if your near by im more than happy to bring my telescope along for some viewing and to leech some knowledge from ya!! B)

    thanks for the welcoming greetings!! :eek:


  2. Hello and welcome! You live not far from me (Penzance area). There are a couple more stargazers not far from you.

    cool, once im settled down here, i have only been here a week, i would be very keen to maybe arrange a meet in a mutual place and share some viewing time.

    thanks to all you guys once again!


  3. and if anyone uses facebook and would like to help me help a friend in america who has suffered 2 brain tumours since he was 3 ( he is now 12 ) win a contest then i would much appreciate it! we need only 35 more votes in the next 11 hours and we did it for him, but iv run out of FB friends to achieve this and we are so so close to getting him in there!!

    only a thought but if your interested i have 2 accounts ' ima F UNky punk ' and ' dave rodgers ' it would make a world of difference to this poor child!!

    peace and much love to you all!!

    enjoy ur evening, may the cloud clear!! :)

  4. WOW you guys rock! im overwhelmed by the response to this! i only popped away for a couple of hours to do some charity work on facebook and i came back to this!!

    thank you so much for your warm welcomes, i can see this is going to be the best place for me and my mind!!

    i can not reply individually, it took me long enough to add you guys one by one but id like to say a big big thank you all and may we have clear skies and dark nights for as long as we may live!!

    i salute you! :)

    dave!! :)

  5. and i also have the entire day to spend here too! :)

    thanks nigel!

    iv added you guys as contacts, anyone who welcomes me into this site will be added, you had the time to talk so iv got the time to listen!! :)

  6. im happy i found you guys and feel privileged to be part of it!!

    i have a facebook account aswell but the difference with this kind of site is that i find its full of intelligent peeps with good hearts and knowledge worth sharing!!

    keep on scoping! :)

    also, whats the score with SGL logging me out every 5 mins? i must of logged in 10 times today and its only dinner time! can this be changed as im gonna be here all day long!!

  7. i was travelling scotland and the isle of skye recently on my motorcycle. wild camping around the lochs in the middle of nowhere and i was talking about the ISS to some friends who have not seen it before. the sky was unbelievablly clear ( i worked in the caribbean for 2 years and nothing compared to the amount of stars i saw this one night ) and suddenly the ISS goes whizzing across the sky. i told my friends before hand that due to the position of the sun and earth and the ISS that at some point during its pass it will probably disappear in the middle of the sky. they couldnt understand and i dont think believed me then suddenly, in the middle of the sky it got dimmer and disappeared from view. they were as amazed as i am every single time i see it!! it truely is up there with one of the greatest engineering feats mankind has ever accomplished!

    long live the ISS! :)


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