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  1. Hi Mike, I have a Skywatcher Mak127 and bought an adapter which I believe is a t-ring to 58mm adapter for a Panasonic FZ-30, worth looking for KOOD adapters as this is what I actually have (the shop covered up the brand using black marker pen). spent £20 on it but found it on the web for £8 from a camera shop. The T-thread (46mm) is on the end of the part into which the diagonal fits, I have spent a lot of time being confused about it. The other thread is what ever is needed for your particular camera. I was seriously looking at fitting the SCT adapter for the 127 to allow a crayford focuser to be fitted as I am working towards full remote control and the auto focusers available seem only to be for the crayford type of focuser and quite an expensive option. I've been lucky and a guy I know who is into astro-photography has designed a stepper motor based focus controller (Sharpsky) which I have built and will add onto the scope . The toughest bit is mounting it all but it is still a work in progress .... Hope this helps. Pete
  2. I have one of these, modded it as described in Instructions for Converting Microsoft Lifecam Cinema HD Webcam for Telescope Use -by Gary Honis I bought a 1.25" housing from billetparts.co.uk, not managed to get a real sort of results from it yet but to get full HD performance out of it you need to delete the microsoft driver then all is well. Hope this helps. Pete
  3. Hi Robin, I would just like to say what a cracking piece of software SharpCap is, I am still learning and getting used to things and have built an auto-focuser for USB control to go on a Skymax 127, the design is from www.dt-space.com/sharpsky and it works fine. One thing I have noticed is there is a 50,000 step limitation in SharpCap which which does not allow enough steps of the motor to obtain full range of the Skymax 127 focus control, 50000 steps = 25 full rotation and the skymax 127 focus can do 27 turns end to end. Is there is a way I can increase this upper limit in a config file or is it hard-coded in the software? Would need to be increased to 54000 to step full range of the mechanical focus control. Thanks Pete
  4. Hi, I found the following design for an auto focuser, I was looking at buying a JMI one for my Skymax 127 and a new control box to get PC control but ended up making the one below. The ready made solution looked like it would cost over £250 but this is much cheaper and I think better. SharpSky I still have to mount the stepper motor and join it all up but I have the basics working. I have managed to get it working through SharpCap and on a Win 7 64 bit machine using the Ascom driver and Ascom V6. A really good bit of kit for not a lot of money so I thought I would share it. Pete
  5. Once you have cooled it all down in the freezer it is worth using a hair dryer to warm the larger part to see if you can get it to separate. Hope it helps. Pete
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing and had looked at the maplin case on the web, seeing it all fitted together means a trip to Maplins.. Pete
  7. Hi, Having used my new Skymax 127 for a little while I have found that the focussing is not as fine as I would like it, there have been some threads about making a large knob for it but as an alternative is it possible to use a crayford focuser instead? Have seen some discussions on the web but nothing concrete, I have found an adapter for the Skymax 127 to an SCT thread so would believe it is possible. Is anyone using this config, is it a good idea, etc? Thanks Pete
  8. Hi All, Well another strange obervation, was playing with my new SkyMAx 127 and saw a bright orange glow overhead. First one bit went overhead (out of sight within a minute), then another couple and finally 2 more, glowing bright orange all within the space of 5-10minutes. I would assume something was burning up. Had a look with my binos but no idea what it was, tried to take a pic with camera but haven't checked if I caught anything. If the pic shows anything I will post it. Pete
  9. Add another one to the list, picked mine up this afternoon..
  10. Hi, Thanks for the replies, defintely showing my newbie credentials. The SkyMax 127 is attractive as easy to move in and out of the house as up/down steps, rough ground, etc. I am aware that visual and astro photograpghy have opposite equipment demands and AP can be much more expensive for decent results. I was kind of hoping that the GOTO bit would help with locating objects knowing the Mak has a narrow field of view but this is obviously dependant upon initial alignment and general slewing accuracy. I think all in the SkyMax 127 provides a reasonable introduction subject to the limitations noted and I won't feel too bad if I really don't get on with and just put it in the corner. I think there are a couple of Astro clubs local to me so will see if I can make a visit. Cheers Pete
  11. Hi All, Thanks for the warm welcome. Priceman afraid not an iphone fan but do have google skymap on android handset which is also pretty useful. Just need some clear skies... Thanks Pete
  12. Hi All, I am sure I will learn lots, have been reading some of the threads and gradually starting to pick up on things but loads of acronyms... I have already been told about Stellarium, a really useful tool (and free) so I have managed to find and look at Saturn using binoculars which was both brilliant and frustrating all at the same time as I want a better view. Looks like a telescope is imminent..
  13. Hi, I am looking for my first telescope so would like some advice please. From chatting with a more experienced friend there seems to be a choice between looking at the objects visually and imaging. From his advice and a lot of reading the choice seems to be a refractor for imaging and a newtonian for visual stuff. As it is early days for me I am most interested in looking at objects so the newtonian would seem to be the right choice but I know that imaging will happen later. From a bit of surfing I have decided not to spend a fortune and am considering the skywatcher A-Z Goto mount with either the startravel 102 refractor or skymax 127 newtonian so any advice on a choice appreciated. The possible alternative choice as they use the same A-Z goto mount is to buy one with the mount and the second just as the telescope so both are available for use. Thanks Pete
  14. Thought I would say hi as just starting to look at the stars, well more than the causal look upwards. At the moment just trying to find my way about the skies but getting less confused as I read/see more. Cheers Pete
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