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  1. Holy crap! You are well more hardy than us southern softies! Think I would have scarped of to bed after one and a half hours tops. Well done and what a nice report. Thanks. Clem
  2. Hi Peter, it very portable indeed. It takes a couple of minutes to remove the cage and truss poles and wheel the rest into the back of the car. Bought a pair of lightweight folding ramps to use with the SUV.
  3. Thanks Stu. I added the row of buttons along the bottom to control it easier in the dark. I think the first thing every Dod owner does is modify it!
  4. The SkyVision 20” f/3.3 GoTo. I’m only 5’ 7” yet I don’t need a ladder.
  5. Tweaking the goto on my big Dob, replacing the Sky Commander with Nexus DSC. Its way more flexible And the SSD slot let’s you easily create your own custom lists.
  6. Looking forward, many thanks. Let you know how I get on and maybe others could join in future.
  7. Wokingham light pollution so bad now it's not even worth trying to observe. 3,000 plus new houses just for starters. Really appreciate it if you could PM me the location of that site. After this lockdown ends I will have to travel to observe from now on. Clem
  8. The contrast is the best in any refractor I’ve ever owned. Also, it’s very light and robust. Good luck with yours when it finally arrives. Clem
  9. Thanks. Someone’s gotta make the sacrifice Mike. ?
  10. Hi all, Finally managed to complete my Grab & Go setup with the addition encoders added to the Vamo mount. Flying to Yosemite next month for a spot of stargazing etc., smoke permitting. Clem
  11. My Denkmeier 27 super binotron all singing and dancing kit is great in the dob. A bit too tall in the Travel Companion and makes me uneasy which is why I got the Mark V. The advantage of the Mark V (early days yet) is that the overall setup is lighter and I adjusted to them immediately. Nice bright view as well. Down side is that once the zoom eyepieces are in it's a pain to focus individual eyepiece due to poor access. The Mark V does help fulfil my aim to have the best truly portable scope I can afford. It's a keeper I think. The Denks advantages are, really easy eyepiece adjustm
  12. Look nice. I am after the widest TFOV I can get for sweeping, taking into account all the special needs binoviewing requires such as eye relief, weight, IPD etc. Pan 24s tempting but I am concerned about IPD. Mine is around 67mm. Perhaps someone can comment on that.
  13. Yep, they rotate, it’s a pain. Usually I just fold them back until I find something I intend to gawp at for a while then I adjust them. Like finding the right mag on Jupiter that gives the most detail for the seeing conditions etc. That said, the zooms are really very good indeed and my most used eyepiece bino or mono..
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