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  1. got a cpc 8 from sherwoods very helpful they were bang on
  2. thanks for the info guys i got 1 file open since i got the thing maybe i am doing something wrong with the capture i will play about with the thing see if i can get it sorted out lol
  3. neximage saves video as an avi file problem starts when i try two open a saved avi in regi stax for processing
  4. cant seam two open avi files when using my neximage camera i am using windows 7 . can eny one help pls
  5. hi ya m8 nuneaton is my home not far from cov
  6. eny 1 own a celestron neximager eny feed back good or bad want 2 know if its eny good 4 first time imaging thanks guys
  7. matt m

    x3 barlow

    thanks m8 i will go with the x2
  8. matt m

    x3 barlow

    thanks m8 will try a x2
  9. matt m

    x3 barlow

    hi im new to stargazing just starting out i have an astromaster 130 can i use a x3 barlow with it also can someone point me to a astronemy shop in the nuneaton area
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