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  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what is a hotech collimator ?
  2. Thanks Isabelle, you have made me feel a lot better...
  3. Spent 2 hours the other night (10pm til Midnight) trying to capture my first image of Saturn... I am using a Celestron Astromaster 90AZ, plus a Philips Toucan Pro (With adaptor and pale blue filter)... I had to produce the image from an avi then use Registax. However I struggled to keep the image central on the screen, hence the poor image... BUT, its my first attempt and I'm chuffed with it... I am going to have another go using a 3x Barlow (Thats all I have), but struggled to even get an image on the screen, let alone capture it...
  4. Thanks Peter, that makes sense... Looks like Im at the limit of my imaging spectrum for Saturn... Thanks again
  5. As a complete novice andnewbie to this forum, I would like to ask the following : I have a Celestron Astromaster 90AZ, plus Philips Toucan PRO with lens adaptor... Last night I tried to capture Saturn and after 2 hours finally managed to capture a short video. I struggled with my 3x Barlow, so just ended up using the webcam straight into the telescope eyepiece holder (Sorry, not sure of its correct term). I managed to capture a reasonable video, showing the rings etc. However, I have looked at other peoples videos of Saturn on YTube and they all seem to manage to capture saturn in the middle of the screen, whereas as my video shows Saturn passing across the screen then out of shot... I think this may be why I found it so difficult to capture using the 3x Barlow... Would appreciate any advice from all you experts out there... I am based in the UK (Not sure if thats relevant, but thought I'd mention it)...
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