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  1. Captured with a Nikon D810a & a Takahashi FSQ106 ED. 10 Minute subs for the fainter details and 10 x 60 seconds subs for the core @ iso 800 from The Netherlands. Conditions were pretty good for 2 nights. PI & PS for processing.
  2. A couple of clear nights around new moon. That's a while ago! Suddenly both eyes are pointed upwards and this beautiful hobby fires up again (remember; 4 clear nights a month is sort of common in Holland)! Got 2 setups running for 3 nights so lot's of data to be processed. Details: 12inch Ritchey Chretien, operating at f5.5, 1600 mm. of focal length. QSI583WSG, SXV-AOL. Exposures: Halpha: 4h20m., red: 1h30m, green: 1h30m., blue: 2h., luminance: 2h., so over 11h total exposure time, during multiple nights. Red & halpha are mixed, with a touch of halpha in luminance too.
  3. In May this year, my wife and I went to Namibia to combine daytrips and astrophotography (hard combo with game drives in morning & evening & driving at daytime). Started out at Astrofarm Tivoli the first 4 nights with mostly cloudy weather , but after that, things went really well for stargazing! To get the most out of it, I rented a scope at Tivoli (only 1 object more or less finished) but I also brought a TS Star 71 APO (the perfect (only?) small scope for fullframe sensors), a Nikon D810a and a Vixen GP as a mount. So a really transportable setup. This picture was taken aft
  4. Not so much for the core I think, but more so for the outer regions. But this is all I could take. Just 1,5 clear nights in 3 weeks. I did refuse to take shorter subs (I can fix that later, stupid me), so color and detail in the core was difficult to reproduce. All subs are 10 min. exposures. Actually, after 2 days, we had to leave this pretty site because of the unbearable heat. No pool, no airco, sun on the "stoep". The cabin was like an oven, not able to get rid of the build up heat at night. No problem for me being outside, but getting some sleep was hard.
  5. Preparing. The cabin is located in the Klein Karoo, Swartberg mountains, South Africa. Daytime temps were 43 degrees c. As you can see, we first had to finish a bottle of wine. No problemo! Good that SGP took care of it all....... (more alcohol abuse)
  6. Second (and last ) image: Omega Centauri. Beautiful big cluster! Difficult to process the core......
  7. The PC cable does work without issue. Using it with SGP to control my Vixen GP (synscan goto set+EQmod) fully automated!
  8. So we (newly weds) went to South Africa. Three weeks planned around new moon in the dark inland southern hemisphere. Awesome, what a trip! At night however, clouds were present almost every day, giving me only 1,5 night to use the brought along equipment. Bummer. A Takahashi FSQ85 in Pelican case as carry-on, Vixen SP in the suitcase and QSI583WSG camera where taken there for the shots. What an amazing skies! (compared to the Dutch yellowish starless sky) Anyway, I used SGP to do all the stuff automatically. All processing in Nebulosity & Photoshop.
  9. Superb Rob! So how is the main mirror hold down on its position? Just by the center baffle? Is this a commercial available upgrade kit or is it custom made?
  10. They discovered it. I didn't. I only went back to the images I took on the 18th after hearing about it. It's all in the game I guess. K. Itagaki, Yamagata, Japan found the nova on the images he/she took January 15. http://www.k-itagaki.jp/psn-m82.jpg There must be a lot more pictures taken before the 22nd.
  11. Captured this one on the 18th & therefore before the actual discovery! I was testing new software and wasn't paying attention on the object. For this image I combined 5x600 L frames with 1x 1800 5nm. Halpha.
  12. My first results after "taping" the rear cell (instead of the 3 tiny coark pieces placed by GSO. This is looking good!
  13. + There's no space to put in a decent mirror cell. Back to the drawing board to design a new backplate & mirror cell, that will do the trick.........
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