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  1. Thanks to everyone that replied. Real kind. I've been watching the lightning tonight and it has been rather good to view. I will get back to all that kindly replied with lots of questions so I really hope I don't bore you all with my daft ideas! It does strike me that I need to go to a local meet and learn. Astronomy is something I want to have as part of my life but have always been a bit scared of getting bogged down and confused. What would i like? A sharp and large picture of the moon, a meteor caught in sight and reflected in a lake with a nearby house just to the left perhaps with an upstairs light on, the best pic I can afford of andromeda galaxy, I would like to catch a glimpse of YU55 and perhaps get a good pic, a good shot of a cloud of stars with all the colours, is a red dwarf shot out of bounds here?.... Perhaps I'm dreaming here but I like photgraphy and do enjoy looking at an atmospheric pic. that I've taken and mounted on my bedroom wall as it send me off to a pleasant sleep! I'm saving to go to Hawaiii in 2013 so the more I know the better... Got a bit of time to gather knowledge! Thanks again everyone for being so kind and replying. I really didn't think I would get this amount of replies so thanks... Rob. (p.s. anyone want to know about things bass-wise be it electric or upright, just give me a shout ok! I would be happy to help if I can).
  2. Hi there. Just joined and need lots of help. I would dearly like to buy the best telescope I can for a budget of around £500.00. One that is upgradeable would be handy. I live 20 mins from Exeter and have some beautiful dark skies to enjoy. Fed up with my binouculars now! I enjoy watching meteor showers sat up on a nearby hill, slowly freezing with a themos flask. My knowledge of astronomy is very little but would love to get some pictures of night skies. My cameras are a Canon Eos 40d and an Eos 3. A telescope that may have some linking with these would be handy. Also, with the aid of a new battery for a spare lap-top, I would love to know of some recommended software/kit that could link easily with the telescope if I can go to a motorised telescope.... Well, thanks for listening any help or pointers from you guys I'd love to know. Thanks, Rob.
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