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  1. hi all, I'm fairly new to astronomy and i am wondering what the smallest mm eyepiece that work for a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p dobsonian? I bought a barlow lens a few weeks ago and when i used it with my supplied 10mm lens to take it down to a 5mm it wasn't able to focus the telescope. I'm ideally looking for a 1.25" size and to pay around £20-£40. Thanks, Mark
  2. thank you all for your comments, they've been really helpful, i'll have a go with the copper piping for EP slots and use a stanley knife for cuts. Thanks jake for the good idea about making a template if i mess up i'll have a go at what bulkins said and use layers so you can make good contour lines Thanks all
  3. hi all, i've got my flight case and the foam for my eyepiece and accessories box and i have got to the point where i am about to start cutting. not too sure about what to use to cut, i've got some spares that i can use to test out tools but i was just wondering what people used when they were cutting theirs. Thanks, Mark
  4. that is a nice set of lenses http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31PdqCK843L._SL500_AA300_.jpg this would be perfect, but without the lenses anyone seen one this size? Thanks
  5. they look good but it's pretty big, does anyone know of anything smaller? thanks for your help
  6. Hey all, I need to get something to store my lenses in, i was thinking about one of those aluminium flight case sort of thing but i'm not sure how small they make them.. Anyone got any ideas about things to use? Thanks Mark
  7. just wondering if anyone with either a skywatcher skyliner 150p or 200p dobsonian telescope have the dimensions that they could tell me, i cant find them on the internet. just wondering for transporting in the car purposes. thanks, Mark
  8. thank you all for your comments, i think the dob is going to be the one M3 Andy would you be able to message me on how you get on with your celestron, would really appreciate it, thanks
  9. if i wanted to start doing astrophotography, would the Skywatcher Skyliner 150P Dobsonian be ok, or would the celestron with motor drive be better? thanks in advance
  10. im not too keen on the dobsonian telescopes because of their difficulty of A. transporting B. using, where i would use i would have to take a table of something with me because there isn't one there the astromaster 130eq md and the skywatcher explorer 130p are the ones im thinking about buying
  11. looks like a good scope, how does it compare to the celestron models? i prefer the look of the celestron scope but i know looks aren't everything
  12. hey all, got into astronomy a few months ago from my physics teacher, he let me borrow his celestron astromaster 130eq- MD for the weekend to see if i liked it, and i did. i am thinking of getting a scope but im not sure which one, i've been looking at the one my teacher lent me, and the astromaster 114 but im not sure if they are good. my price range is up to £180, i'd like to use if for viewing the moon, saturn and other close galaxies would love to hear what you all think is a god scope. Thanks Mark
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