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  1. RIP Sir Patrick. You will be missed.
  2. Went out at 10pm tonight and had my 1st view of Saturn. Been observing with 10x50 bins for the past year, but I've been given a Konuscope-6 telescope. It was an unwanted raffle prize?!? Its very basic, but with the 8mm EP, I had a great view of Saturn, and I think I could see the Cassini Division too. I've been holding off spending money on a scope, because I wanted to learn the sky 1st, but I think its time to dive in. I think I need a scope with a motor, as Saturn only lasted afew seconds before going out of view, and this scope and tripod are a pain to adjust. Spent 1hr outside, before clou
  3. Looks like Monday will be the best of the 3, weather wise. Forecast for cloud Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
  4. With the cold snap forcast for Friday till Tuesday or Wednesday, hopefully that means the skys will be clear (ish). The forecast for North East England is -2 and partly cloudy.
  5. Typical, must be the only channel without a +1. I've missed the first 10mins.
  6. Just got my e-tickets for the Stargazing Live event at Gibside, near Rowlands Gill in Gateshead. Should be a good event. I thing some members from Sunderland Astronimical Society will be there with thier telescopes. Hope the skys are clear. Might inspire me to move up from my 10x50 bins. My 9 year old daughter is really looking forward to it too.
  7. I'm another one who's got it for Christmas. Can't wait.
  8. Tuesday night, was out with my 10x50 bins, found the Andromeda M31 for the 1st time. Just looked like a blury smudge, but I was chuffed to bits.
  9. How fast do radio waves travel through space? Do they travel at the speed of light? If so, how far have the oldest radio waves traveled? Have they even left the Orion Arm of the Milky Way? I agree with what other people are saying about what is technology. Humans are never satisfied with where they are evolution-wise, and always seem to be progressing. (This can be seen as both a good and a bad thing). There are monkeys using sticks to get ants out of an ant nest, and using rocks to break open nuts, but they have not progressed further. They get the food they want, and thats enough for them.
  10. That sounds like the type of thing I need while I'm out there. I've got a little red torch, so that would work. I've started buying the Sky at Night magazine, so I'll start with their star charts. Just need some clear skys again.
  11. Went out again last night at about 1:30am. Jupiter was higher in the sky, but it didn't improve the viewing. Could still see Io and Ganymede. Good viewing. Had a good view of Cassiopeia overhead, then had a good look at the Pleiades until a satellite passed overhead, and as always, I followed that until it went out of view. Very clear night. I just wish I new more of what I was looking at up there. Going to have to start taking the laptop with Stellarium on it, or a book, out with me.
  12. I think your right. Must be Ganymede on the left further out and Io on the right much closer. I think I was reading the Sky Guide wrong. (Oops. Rooky mistake)
  13. Just been outside looking at Jupiter with my Bino's. I know its a bit early and its not very high in the sky, but it looked impressive to me. I think I could just about make out two moons. One on the right quite close, and one on the left about 3 times further away. Checked the Sky at Night magazine sky guide, but I'm still not sure which moons they are.
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