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  1. My nearest astro club is in Tiverton but it doesn't look as though they have any meets until winter and I'm looking to purchase in the next month. The NLO looks fantastic, unfortunately I am busy most Fridays but if I get a free one I will try to get down at some point. Adrian
  2. Thanks for all your replies. I will definitely give the Sky's the the limit site a view, thanks for the link Damnut, that seems a great solution, won't even need to leave the house! I'll drop First Light Optics an Email as well, and see what they can do. I'm between Tiverton and Crediton and my scope is the Skywatcher 200p Dob. I've been looking at the Baader eyepieces on FLO at £92 because of the wide FOV. That is probably close to the top of my budget but I would like to explore all price levels to compare and buy what is best suited to me. Thanks Adrian
  3. After a great nights viewing with the stock Skywatcher eyepieces, I have decided to buy another to plug the gap between the 10 and 25mm. After reading through a few posts it seems better to try before you buy. Does anyone know if there is anywhere around Mid Devon where I can try out eyepieces. Thanks Adrian
  4. Thanks bizibilder I didn't think about the car kicking up dust. I will most likely buy or make up a storage box and then cover the telescope with a dust sheet aswell. One last question: Any thoughts on outside storage boxes? We have quite busy garage and this would be easier than moving the car out every time I want to use the scope. If low temperatures aren't a problem, outside could be an option. Adrian
  5. Thanks very much Merlin66, very helpful.
  6. Hi I am waiting on the arrival of my Skyliner dob. It will probably be a couple of weeks so I thought I had better think about storage. I was thinking of keeping it in the garage and reading a few posts it may be a good idea to store it in a protective container rather than free standing. My worry is low temperatures in the winter. Will this be a problem? and is it better to store vertical or horizontaly? Thanks Adrian
  7. Age

    Hello from Mid Devon

    Thank you all for the very warm welcome. Doug: The binoculars I am using are very old 10x50s with a bit of mould on the lens that I can't clean off, but still produce a reasonable image. Adamski: Thanks for the tip Astro imp: Thanks for the link Thanks all Adrian
  8. Hello Just thought I would say hi as I have just signed up to SGL. I am currently using bins and learning the skies before I purchase my telescope of choice, the Skyliner 200p dobsonion. Unfortunatley they all seem to be out of stock at the moment. Can't wait to see the Andromeda galaxy. Cheers Adrian
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